Thursday, August 13, 2020

You know it isn't going to be good, but still...

The good news is that, at least I didn't pay for this pack...

Luckily this was in my stocking from Santa because these usually go for somewhere in the $12-$14 CDN range for three packs (15 cards), that is expensive to me.

The good news is, I d end up with one pack for the unopened pack collection...

Though the chances of getting anything stellar out of two packs doesn't seem very realistic...but there's always a chance, right?

Pack 1:

So no Leafs, not a big surprise there, but did the first card out have to be Drouin?

The base set is only 100 pure base cards plus 40 SN rookie cards, however there is also a blue parallel set for all which doesn't have an SN on the rookie cards, so this is probably a case of the blue parallel being more common than the supposed base set SN rookie card.

Well, Samsonov is a blue parallel, as is Schenn, though the Schenn does look much better for it, team colours and all.

Pack 2:

Yup, my scan cut their heads off a bit...but the pack didn't deserve a second scanning, especially getting a second pack started with a Canadien....*sigh*...

Another blue parallel rookie card and another appropriate blue parallel team colour matching card in Connor.

Overall....a dud for the opening, but can't win them all. This one is at the bottom of the pile since it's not a set I am collecting, so the blues I keep, the base are up for grabs if anyone is interested.

2 Packs, 10 Cards, 18 Points....also known as a dud....Dollarama repacks do better.

What does even better than a repack though? A nice little trade PWE style. I did a little trade with Double B on TCDB and scored some new to me Maple Leaf goalie goodies...

Not sure why the Parkhurst emerald parallel where the Parkhurst logo is done in foil is such a hit with me, but I like it. I could almost put up with them doing this in 9 different colours. Luckily, they didn't think about it at the time...

Ah - a much better way to end this post.


  1. Seeing that 1995-96 Parkhurst International Rhodes sure brought back memories. I purchased a ton of that product back in the day and even built the autograph set. Wait. Maybe I still need the Renberg to complete the set.