Monday, August 17, 2020

Since I can't go in person...

Like many out there, I have missed the opportunity to go to the local card store - or in my case 401 Games which is close to work in Toronto, but nowhere near home. So, with birthdays coming up for my wife and my son, and the fact that there were a few different games and such I wanted to order, I needed to add a little to it to get free shipping, so why not get some Magic cards. I mean, I would have had to pay shipping otherwise, so I had to!

I picked up one of the collector packs for the unopened pack collection from the 2021 core set. The core set which comes out each year is like the flagship set. I also picked up a few other recent packs...

I am going to try not to think too hard about the fact that these 5 packs of newer cards, all in, cost me about $80 - darn those collector packs, I should stop buying them....

As for the cards - also from the Core 2021 set, and Jumpstart which came out recently as well.

Good flavour text still makes me smile, like that of Meterorite.

The 2021 Core set continues the trend of having more and more full art / alternative art cards like the Solemn Simulacrum and Mazemind Tome, and then we get into the foil parallel cards as well from the set.

Here we start getting into the Jumpstart set which is unusual as it is really done as a small set of 78 card with addition reprint cards taking the total set size to 495 cards. As for the booster packs, those are done so that each essentially has a theme to them to "jumpstart" a deck as it were.

Hehehe - Gingerbrute....

Well, those should help with my Magic card fix for a good while...but actually, I did also get a little help yesterday from my son. He wanted to get me Magic cards as well, but with only the Walmart really available close, and my wife knowing how much I rather get cards at 401games, she had him pick up a single pack of cards for me...

Being a dupe to the one I got from 401games, gave me good reason to open it (which he wanted me to - as he was more excited than me, I swear, and I wanted to help that along.

So, what did I get?

The two artifacts in the box were ones I didn't have. They aren't overly expensive, but he hit one of the rares and an uncommon, so great luck there, and I ensured him it was great and that I was happy (the fact that the Walmart packs are $2 more than 401games may bother me - but he's a kid and doesn't get that stuff yet - which is fine - as it'll come soon enough unfortunately).

The rest included a forest, which I gave him right away as we had been building 5 decks, one of each colour, from my extras/trades which I have now passed on to him, but we were a couple forests short.

The rest of the pack...

Some of the artwork is just amazing - specifically here, the Frost Lynx. It just looks so vibrant!

Was the pack worth it from a dollar amount? No way, but it was definitely worth seeing his excitement for the opening of the pack, and he liked some of the cards. Won't be surprised if some get into his decks once he starts looking at changing them up and building decks.


  1. $80 for 5 packs? I guess inflation has hit the MTG community as well.

    1. The :Collector" boosters go for about $30 Canadian because they are all foil and "premium" compared to a regular booster, and Double Masters is "special" as well and those packs go almost $20 Canadian.

  2. The Solumn guy and Sentry were my favorite cards. I'm not familiar with these but enjoy the art and seeing your pills. Good post.