Thursday, August 20, 2020

Washington, LA and Texas, oh my

When you are a team collector and you get a couple team cards in a pack, it's an awesome thing to pull. Unfortunately the cards in today's pack of 2018 Topps Holiday, don't hit my team - but some people would be happy with the pack.

The metallic snowflake insert (which doesn't really scan much differently than the regular base below) is a nice Zimmerman card.

As far as Washington cards go, Bryce is a good second one to get. We also get pairs with two Rangers including Odor, and two Dodgers including Seager. 

Can't win them all, but a nice consolation pack which adds to the base set if nothing else.

3 Packs, 30 Cards, 90 Points.

1 comment:

  1. Some good players. Voting for the defensive shot of 5 Gold Gloves winner Perez.