Monday, August 10, 2020

The Replacement

So I best know Biron as the guy who ended up taking over (some may say, who pushed out) the starting goalie role in Buffalo from Dominik Hasek. The way things panned out, I think it was a bit more, right place, right time, as Hasek seemed "done" with Buffalo around this time (early 2000s).

As we know, Hasek went on to be just fine with a few great years in Detroit before hanging them up, and Biron didn't settle long term in Buffalo as he ended up with stints in Philadelphia, and with both New York teams..

The rest of the pack is all adds, including another Martin doing a similar pose - though a little more upright than Biron.

We also get the luckier Bure in Valeri. Guy married Candace Cameron - I grew up watching Full House (and have enjoyed Fuller House for the most part as well), so that's a life win!

35 Packs, 245 Cards, 1,415 Points.

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  1. I like the Damphousse. He had a solid career and enjoyed some fine years in San Jose.