Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Base building

Today we have the second pack of 2018 Topps Holiday cards and it is all about the base.

I don;t generally prefer horizontal cards, but the one baseball pose which almost always looks better is a delivering pitcher. The horizontal view obviously gives more room for the full stretch motion of winding up for the pitch - both of these are great examples.

The rest of the pack shows another plus (or minus, depending on your preference) for these Holiday products - not a lot of inserts. Since there are really the relics/autos which fall about every 10 packs, you get base cards and the odds of one of two different parallels, so you it a set you can build fairly quickly especially at 10 cards per pack for the 200 card set. I only had a couple Jays cards beforehand (for which I would need dupes for the set anyway), so will be interesting to see how far I can get on the one box.

2 Pack, 20 Cards, 60 Points.

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