Saturday, August 22, 2020

A Thing for Votto

I seem to have a thing lately for Joey Votto cards.

It may not be quite as nice as a dirt relic card, but today's metallic snowflake parallel is of the Canadian local boy Joey Votto. Like most large cities, just saying he is from Toronto, and I am from Toronto - really nowhere near each other. Joey grew up in Etobicoke, while I grew up in Scarborough, opposite ends of the city and very different.

Would love to see a local guy like Joey play for the Jays though. There have been some Canadians play for the team over the years (side note - I should keep that as an idea for a post....quick guess at best Canadian in franchise history though may be Ernie Whitt, I stand corrected - though Ernie is in the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, he is American), but not quite on the level of for holding out to see how Vladdy Jr. goes.

Nice pack with Kershaw and Acuna, while we also get Joey Batts who must have seen my post yesterday...

5 Packs, 50 Cards, 150 Points

Speaking of things, another thing I have is a thing for wrestling cards. On TCDB, they are much harder to find trade partners for than the big sports like baseball and hockey, but are still much easier than moving Magic cards there. I was able to get a trade in with first time trade partner FireproofLowlife which allowed me to turn some football cards, which I don't collect, into wrestling cards in a PWE.

We have some 2015 Topps base cards which include R-Truth and his childhood idol, John Cena. Yeah, R-Truth is older than Cena and been wrestling longer, but it's one of those jokes that is R-Truth in a nutshell. He is a solid mid-card talent, has a great sense of humour and is more enjoyable to watch now than he was earlier in his career as he has grown much over his career, and seeing the specials on him on the WWE network, he is definitely someone who has grown on me as a person I am happy to see succeed given his story.

Another appreciated PWE - thanks Mr. Lowlife!


  1. For the Jays... Best Canadians??
    Most of the batters have been generally bench players. Dave McKay, Rob Ducey, Rob Butler.. Almost by default I want to say Martin.
    Pitching... I almost want to say Quantrill.
    Whitt is an honourary Canadian, being from Michigan.

    Santino Marella is also a Canadian. :)

    1. Ah - so it is my memory off - I knew he was in the Canadian baseball Hall of Fame...fell into thinking as him being Canadian. Quantrill was the only pitcher I was sure was Canadian that comes to mind for pitching.

    2. For Canadian pitchers:
      Paul Spoljaric, Denis Boucher, Quantrill, Jeff Francis.. Those are off the top of my head.. lol

  2. There's a wrestler who wears a lamb mask? Can't imagine he's very popular.