Sunday, August 9, 2020

Still time for nice surprises

I may be into the final few packs, but it is never over until it is over, and always nice to get a little surprise or two as far as the content goes.

Forget eye of the tiger, that's a keen eye of the eagle! Always like beating the odds and with one Toronto card in the 10 card set, with cards showing up every 19 packs, this one came out in my favour.
Unlike a picture card out of 2012 or 2013 baseball Triple Play, a head on shot of an actual human being can add some depth to the picture - you get a nice uniform view of the eagled helmet, and Eddie's piercing stare.

Always love a good Teemu card, and no surprise that the puck is just dancing away on his stick as always.

We end with a couple dupes and like Samsonov, Olli seems to be a guy I feel I see a lot of cards of. Looking at the stats on TCDb, it isn't true, but funny how it feels that way about certain players or cards, that you just feel you see too much.

34 Packs, 238 Cards, 1,394 Points.

Speaking of nice surprises - another trade that has been a while to share, I did a PWE with Hawaii native TCDb member Hilochef which brought me some Jays...

Really like the Pillar action shot, and still missing a couple base Jays from the 2019 set, though these help tremendously.


Yeah, I am getting mildly excited about a Triple Play Tattoo. This is the final of the 5 card tattoo set out of the horrid 2012 Panini Triple Play product, but at least it is now a 5 card insert set that I have completed!

Great little trade that, as always, I am very appreciative of!

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  1. Seems like Belfour and Teemu always pair up in posts that I read. Two of my least favorite former Sharks :D