Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween?

Well, like pretty much everything in 2020 - this year is different than any other I remember. Halloween is not like prior years. The whole handing out candy thing being a bit of an issue with COVID, one idea I played with, and we will see tonight if the kids go for it, is, instead of going trick or treating for candy, going to their friends houses and given candy to their friends instead.

This way, you aren't getting candy from many different people you don't know, they can collect it in one place and leave it for whatever period of time they feel is "safe", and the kids get to show off costumes. Besides, our kids don't really need more candy so, I am not overly missing the bags of candy aspect of it this year...but I get it that the kids will be.

So this Pacific Complete card is a treat an a trick all in one. These red parallels are numbered to 99 - so I have no idea, since it isn't stated, what the odds are - so I am going to back engineer the odds based on the 40 SN cards in the base set to try and figure this one out.

- 40 cards with 950 SN each is 38,000 cards

- They fall every 9 packs which means 342,000 packs

- The red parallels are 99 SN for each of the 100 cards so 9,900 cards which would be in 9,900 packs

- 342,000 / 9,900 = every 35 packs

I think that feels about right.

Speaking of those SN higher numbered base cards, we have Derek Roy here and...

More solid base additions including Forsberg. Also guess this is an Ottawa hot pack between two Senators players and Roy from Ottawa.

19 Packs, 95 Cards, 413 Points

Friday, October 30, 2020

Cup Up The Mountain

 Here is a player I admire...

The reason being, he spent his entire career with one team. I have talked about that being important and ideal where possible as it really allows a player to connect and grow with the fan base and be "theirs". Add to that, in this case, that during the tenure in Colorado from the late 90s to early 10s, he was able to help the team win a Stanley Cup in 2000-01, and that makes it even sweeter.

Actually, Colorado had a really good 4-5 year run, including the playoffs around that Stanley Cup.

Olaf actually came pretty close to the same feat as Milan, as it was the very last season where he played all of 8 games for Tampa Bay, with his career otherwise all being with Washington. Didn't get to the Stanley Cup, but close on a single team career.

We end will all base needs as we inch slowly closer to 70% pure base set completion!

18 Packs, 90 Cards, 360 Points

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Walk With Elias

Didn't have a chance to comment in yesterday's post, but it was good to see the Dodgers win the World Series - even with the COVID positive test issue which luckily, didn't derail the game or series. I wasn't overly invested in the Series, but if I had to pick, glad the Dodgers won.

Enough about baseball...let's keep up with hockey...

So, the box odds for a jersey card are every 24 packs, with no specific box guarantee - but look who walked in with this pack... 

I must admin, I really like the design when it comes to a straight forward jersey card - nice bordering, nice picture of the player, good design for the background logo, and nice spot for the SN on the front. A solid player for picking out too. May not be my favourite, and plain single colour pieces are not usually a big deal, but the red here and the bordering look really nice so, great little card for me.

We get another decent goalie card for the Complete addition.

The base cards include these two new adds, but also the first dupe...

Not a surprise to at least get one dupe, but hopefully that will be the extent of them with this box. Only 4 packs for opening left, and the hit out of the way now, time to see how complete we get this base set!

17 Packs, 85 Cards, 339 Points

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Unfinished Quest

 When he was capitain, it looked at times like Mats might actually complete the quest...

however it wasn't to be of course. It didn't define his time in Toronto as being the captain who wasn't able to bring the Cup to the city - there have been a number to fail at that task. Mats, like Douggie, were great team captains, in some ways I am torn as to whether Mats should have tried, like some players have more recently, to go on their own quest for the Cup and look to trade where they think they can get it (Iginla comes to mind as one who has done this most recently) - not sure I would count that last part season in Vancouver as much of an attempt.

We get another Calder Contender insert, so we hit above average on those in this box.

At least it's not Patick Roy.

We then finish with the couple base additions to close another one out. Up to 58 of 100 pure base card with 5 packs left to open, so we should get to about 70% done in that regard. Not bad for a box...maybe I should have just picked up two.

16 Packs, 80 Cards, 305 Points

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Booo-urns and a Surprise

 Take one look at this card, and it's hard to recognize the man...

Since these days the on again off again growth of his awesome beard is something he is recognized quickly for. This card is just after his making the jump into the NHL in 2003-04 - such a young guy on this card.

Esche here with his second of two stops in the NHL (after the first few seasons with Phoenix. He played about half of the games for Philly in 2003-04 and 2005-06 before that reduced the following year and he was done in the NHL.

Three needed base cards later, and that's the 5 for today!

15 Packs, 75 Cards, 274 Points

With that pack done - I recently go a surprise package from fellow collector Jeff Scott who has been nice enough to send some cards my way on occasion. I try feebly to send enough back to be as fair and equal as possible and Jeff collects the Boston Bruins, so always keeping an eye of for cards to send him. That said, let's see what I have and what I have to trade off for cards for Jeff )there's always a few of those I try to turn into Bruins).

Jeff knows that inserts, serial numbered cards, autos will all have a place in my collection (in addition to Toronto cards), so he sent along these...

90s parallels galore. I have some Electric Ice parallels, and a couple of the Rink Collection Pinnacle, and other Ultra Gold Medallion set parallels, but these are the first gold medallion parallels from 1995-96. As over the top as these gold medallion designs are, I have to say, I really like them. It's so over the top, it's good I guess.

SNs galore here. In addition to the ones you can see, the Osgood is SN out of 299, the Bonk Extreme LTD parallel is SN 49, and Rucchin is SN 250. Also have to mention, the die cuts always excite me too, just because they stand out and are unusual.

Speaking of standing out...

Holy auto attack! Jeff has sent a couple others my way from these sets - seems to have a bunch of these late 90s, early 2000 In The Game set autos. The products of this time are not generally my favourite - never was a huge In The Game fan, but the fact the autographs are all on card here, is amazing.

Can't pass on sharing the other keepers...

Of the star base cards sent, Jagr is the one I need as far as sets I am keeping.

Three new Halladay cards for the collection. Jeff previously sent me a good number of Roy cards - he probably is responsible for about half the Roy cards I have actually, which is great.

This was a surprise - an unopened pack which I wasn't expecting. This two card (Roenick is on the back) pack is a Kellogg's cereal pack from the early 90s. I have a couple of the cards, but surprised to get an unopened pack - sweet! Actually, should be sweet with all the sugary cereal it spent time with.

Last keeper...

One of, I believe 5, different versions of this card. All the versions are different with how the Marlboro advertising sign which is to the right of Randy's head, is dealt with. This version is the complete black out version, some others have smaller black boxes or tinted red or green. Either way, all are uncorrected errors, and in any form, I need a copy for my eventual set build.

Last up, some trade bait...

Some solid cards here, and if there is any interest, just let me know!

Monday, October 26, 2020

Mocking Me


I spoke about Raycroft yesterday - not going to re-hash it, but I do feel like he is mocking me here, showing up two days in a row.

Yes, another goaltender, but as he was coming from the AHL, you get a nice studio shot instead, and the stats on the back speak to his AHL time of 36 games in the prior season, where he was 8-21-3 with a GAA of 3.56 - stats that don't seem too how did he turn out?

Well, turned out better than those stats may have you believe. Likely in part to being a Blue Jacket, but he ended up with a 7 season NHL career between 5 in Columbus and a couple in Ottawa. He was below .500 for his career, but it was well above just making it for a handful of games.

14 Packs, 70 Cards, 255 Points

Okay - no Raycroft again tomorrow or I might just riot.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

SNing Red

 The odds of getting one of the SN'd high numbered (last 40 of the 140 card) base set are every 9 packs, so I was starting to wonder where mine were, but finally got one...

I don't mind these printed ones, but do like the imprinted serial numbers better - except for the fact, depending on how packs are done, you may be able to pack search for them.

So, was Nathan a good pickup? Well - he did play hockey for 20 years - just not in the NHL. With regards to the NHL, he played 5 games in 2003-04 for Detroit (no points, a minus 1, and 2 PIMs, he then had 2 games for Boston in 2005-06. Other than that, many years playing across Europe.

My most interesting take away from this card - every reference website I find say he is from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (even though this card says Kingston). Scarborough being where I grew up and lived from about 1987 through going to University in 1999. Heck, Nathan is only about a year younger than me too.

See to be on a streak in this pack as far as "red" border teams go. 
Here's another example of Boston taking advantage of us poor Leafs. Andrew started off well enough in Boston, comes to Toronto for a couple years and doesn't pan out. Ah well Toronto only traded away one guy for him...Tuukka Rask. Yeah - that turned out about fair between the two teams didn't it?

Had almost forgotten about that one...thanks for the reminder Raycroft.

13 Packs, 65 Cards, 240 Points

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Hi Lo Salo

 Today, let's just get the base cards out of the right away - asusual, all new and add to the base card count...

Always happy to see a Selanne card. Kind of offsets getting a Montreal card I guess. Still not a fan of this base card design. Sometimes, while going through a box, opinion can change the more you see the base cards and they can grow on you. Not so much here for me.

Though I thought Tommy had a slightly longer NHL career (it was about 10 years - thought it may have been about 12), his stats are what I remember of him - an average, middling goalie that didn't have much of a run (or chance) of getting a Stanley Cup ring.

He was just under .500 as a goalie with 210 wins and 225 losses, and with his best years at the turn of the millennium with Edmonton, he never was able to help lead them past the first round of the playoffs (not that the issue was specifically him at all, just never got past it).

12 Packs, 60 Cards, 219 Points

Today we will end with the vast additional new Jays coming from Steven at

Yes - there are enough Fleer 80s sticker variations, I am still missing some...but one less now. The Joe Carter 1992 Bowman foil card is the first foil one I have. Honestly, didn't even know some of the base cards were foiled like this, but then again, Bowman back then was not a set I ever saw for sale, so I only ever get these bowman sets through trades or kindness of others.

Some solid assistance on usual 90s suspect sets like 1994 Select and 1995 Donruss. Select was decent for some good photos. I like the Sprague interacting one, and Dave Stewart practice fielding is pretty cool to.

I had never seen the 1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars set before. Decent enough design, and nice to get a new set represented in the collection.

Is there any more golden moment for a Jays fan that Joe Carter's exuberance after the World Series winning home run?

Some early 2000s Heritage. You want to look at sets I don't have much of - Heritage would be one (so would Archives). Still dislike the logo design during the period, and a Heritage design just makes it stand out that much more as inappropriate.

Seeing the new Delgado and Halladay cards made me wonder how they were doing in my collection overall. I love having different cards, but since I keep dupes, I am more interested in actual totals. I was a bit surprised Delgado isn't yet at 200 cards and Halladay is just over 100. Top man right now? Joe Carter is just shy of 300.

Ah, the "dark days" for the Jays - with those black uniforms being used quite often.

Some first Gypsy Queen adds, a Melky refractor, and a baby blue Bautista!

Still not a huge fan of Panini in general, and Prizm is just so dark, but Jays are Jays, and they are still accepted here!

Big League has been a nice addition for sets. Thinking there are so many, had to believe Id say that, but it does feel like it adds something different (whereas to me, Heritage and Archives are too similar, for example).

Also, really love the pitch grip shot on Dickey's A&G card.

So much, and so great, and so many thanks Steven! I look forward to hopefully being able to meet up in 2021 (ideally when the craziness of 2020 has subsided).

Friday, October 23, 2020

Raise The Cup

 A new insert today from 2003-04 Pacific Quest For The Cup...

2007 Hall of Fame Inductee and New Jersey long timer (I don't remember much of his Washington days from the 80s as I was a bit young). I remember him being a critical part of the defence in New Jersey and it was that work that helped lead New Jersey to three Cups while Stevens was there.

Definitely someone great to have on the blue line.

I am sure Osgood would have likes Stevens in front of him - though he did pretty well himself getting 3 Cups over his two stints with Detroit.

We end with three more base additions to boot.

11 Packs, 55 Cards, 204 Points

Before ending today, best to get into the Jays cards that Steven sent my way (and just a reminder - check out - great cards, great deals, great people behind it).

Steven was able to pass along cards and knock off a few different team sets all in one got (and provide a few inserts that include only solo Jays).

In well fell swoop, we have the entire 9 card Jays set of 1991 Score Rookie and Traded set. Gotta love the speed of Devon White with the helmet coming off. I wonder how many cards he had that happen in because I can think of at least a couple others.

I had a few 1986 Fleer Jays, but these provide the rest of the team set, including the checklist card.

Some Jays greats here with Stieb, Key, Martinez, Upshaw, Acker. I will say, Stieb looks much happier than Key to be in that photo.

Here are three one-off Jays inserts. Have to appreciate Pillar being the first card of an insert set about Wall CLimbers - the many could do just that.

The last couple are nice odd ones with 1987 Baseball's Best Sluggers and Pitchers from Fleer and some 1988 League Leader Minis.

Classic Jay,s classic designs, and great uniforms!

Big thank you as always Steven!

Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Goalie Fleury Continues

Okay, so the title was easy to come up with on this one.

I always liked Marc-Andre in Pittsburgh. I get why he left, or was essentially pushed out, and I think Vegas was a great fit and great place for him to show he still could be a top tie goalie, but I would have liked to see him stick around Pittsburgh a few more years. The man did get three Stanley Cups with Pittsburgh and almost got another one with Vegas.

That last new base card, makes me sad in one sense because I think Eric should have always stayed in Philly, but also makes me really happy because those first couple years in New York showed that he darn well could continue to go. It was down hill with the couple stops after (though at least I do have some cards with his Leaf year documented).

10 Packs, 50 Cards, 183 Points