Thursday, October 29, 2020

Walk With Elias

Didn't have a chance to comment in yesterday's post, but it was good to see the Dodgers win the World Series - even with the COVID positive test issue which luckily, didn't derail the game or series. I wasn't overly invested in the Series, but if I had to pick, glad the Dodgers won.

Enough about baseball...let's keep up with hockey...

So, the box odds for a jersey card are every 24 packs, with no specific box guarantee - but look who walked in with this pack... 

I must admin, I really like the design when it comes to a straight forward jersey card - nice bordering, nice picture of the player, good design for the background logo, and nice spot for the SN on the front. A solid player for picking out too. May not be my favourite, and plain single colour pieces are not usually a big deal, but the red here and the bordering look really nice so, great little card for me.

We get another decent goalie card for the Complete addition.

The base cards include these two new adds, but also the first dupe...

Not a surprise to at least get one dupe, but hopefully that will be the extent of them with this box. Only 4 packs for opening left, and the hit out of the way now, time to see how complete we get this base set!

17 Packs, 85 Cards, 339 Points


  1. That is a great looking Elias relic!

  2. Nice Elias. Glad he managed to stay with the Devils his entire career. I remember getting excited back in the 90's when I'd pull a rookie card of his from a pack.

  3. Replies
    1. Still hope they are able to do a bit more with him...I think the talent to entertain is there...he just hasn't been given a real go at putting on a long wrestling match so I can't comment on if the wrestling ability for Elias can get 5 star matches.