Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween?

Well, like pretty much everything in 2020 - this year is different than any other I remember. Halloween is not like prior years. The whole handing out candy thing being a bit of an issue with COVID, one idea I played with, and we will see tonight if the kids go for it, is, instead of going trick or treating for candy, going to their friends houses and given candy to their friends instead.

This way, you aren't getting candy from many different people you don't know, they can collect it in one place and leave it for whatever period of time they feel is "safe", and the kids get to show off costumes. Besides, our kids don't really need more candy so, I am not overly missing the bags of candy aspect of it this year...but I get it that the kids will be.

So this Pacific Complete card is a treat an a trick all in one. These red parallels are numbered to 99 - so I have no idea, since it isn't stated, what the odds are - so I am going to back engineer the odds based on the 40 SN cards in the base set to try and figure this one out.

- 40 cards with 950 SN each is 38,000 cards

- They fall every 9 packs which means 342,000 packs

- The red parallels are 99 SN for each of the 100 cards so 9,900 cards which would be in 9,900 packs

- 342,000 / 9,900 = every 35 packs

I think that feels about right.

Speaking of those SN higher numbered base cards, we have Derek Roy here and...

More solid base additions including Forsberg. Also guess this is an Ottawa hot pack between two Senators players and Roy from Ottawa.

19 Packs, 95 Cards, 413 Points


  1. Love the detective work. It was so weird to have an online costume contest this year at our school. I was asking my students what their Halloween plans were and the vast majority said they were gonna zoom a scary movie. I thought that was kind of a cool idea.

    1. Yeah, I like that idea too - at least allowing some kind of connections together. Nice.