Friday, October 9, 2020

2019 Topps Opening Day Hanger

So, with the whole COVID-19 thing going on, and me doing the shopping for my in-laws, they told me to pick up a couple cards related items at Wal-Mart for my birthday (which was in August).

Unfortunately, there are slim pickings in many cases as you have all likely noticed, since people seems to be buying more heavily, and there are some production or distribution issues, again due to COVID.

So I ended up with a couple of these hanger boxes since 2019 Opening Day is a set I am working on - and I actually still have a blaster box from last year's US trip, so hopefully I will be close to do once I open these.

I also picked up another 2020 Road To Wrestlemania blaster which will be nice to go through as well.

Going into this hanger, I have 65 of the 200 base cards, so should be able to add a good number (hopefully), so let's see what additions I do have...

Some solid big names knocked off the list with Harper and Bryant being my personal faves, though the Benintendi wins for best photo for the bunch with the leap and the scoreboard background.

An excellent haul with 30 new base cards out of 35, and here are the dupes...

This leaves the highlights of Jays content....

Rowdy is a great name - one that you have to grow into I am sure. The start of his career has been alright, though I'd love to see him hit for a better average.

Last up, inserts!

Hank Aaron....excellent...Gary Carter...solid....the Angels bringing the smoke (and fire)....and a mascot card. Nothing earth shattering, but all insert sets I can get behind.

Overall, about what I was hoping for so two thumbs up for this hanger box.

So we have 40 Cards and 123 Points showing that the hanger did exactly what I was hoping and fill in a good part of the base set.


  1. I like the 2019 design. Best since 2015.

  2. I ripped open a box of this not too long ago. I probably have some dupes for your set build.

    1. Always up for a trade - I'll send you an email with a list of who is missing in action still.