Thursday, December 8, 2022

Another Revisited

 Like just a couple days ago, the COVID lot pops up another repeat set, which, like a couple days ago, provides some more cards, but not enough motivation for a set collection.

I do however get one more addition to keep for the Leaf collection with a second copy of this really nice Lindros Leaf card from 2013-14 SP Authentic.

A lot of the same faces we saw in the earlier post, so not a bunch to go over on that account. I mean, a few new cards, but still not enough to get me collecting it.

I do think it adds some nice trade fodder though as I can see team collectors not having cards from such a set.

I guess, if anyone does want a solid started set from this, just let me know, should be able to get you more than half way on the pure base cards if you are interested!

Wednesday, December 7, 2022


 Even if it's a set I would never have purposesly collected, I love when I go from never having heard of a set, to completing it. Today, we get that with 1988 Dinosaurs Attack from Topps.

It isn't a large set, but this set out of 1955 was sold in 5 card packs which also included a sticker card in each pack, and of course, your piece of gum.

As you can see from the first cards, it's all about Dinosaurs attacking the world, with some very colourful artwork which is done much in the style of older style monster movies from the 50s or 60s. They kind of remind me of those movie ads like Attack of the 50 ft. Woman.

As these were released in 1988, I'd still cover these as being in the "they will make a set for just about anything" phase of card manufacturing...also called the junk wax era. It was definitely a set that, at the age of 8, would have been a bit too gruesome for me to collect. Heck, my mom wouldn't let me collect Garbage Pail Kids as a kid...though looking back, I can kind of understand it, but I didn't get it as a kid.

The backs of the cards are really done well. I love the old newspaper design to tell the story, and the tie together of the cards. There are some other different back of card designs as you can see, like the comic strip type as well, but the majority are the newspaper design.

The artwork is done really well on these, and I think stands up pretty well over time.

Even the inserts as a set are done well - though my only complaint is, I would have liked to see just as many of the stickers as there are base cards. The stickers themselves are neat, but the backs are just as great...

Learning! Love when they sneak some good old fashion learning on cards, like how to say the names, size of the dinosaurs, and a decent write ups too.

Would I ever have tried to collect this set...nope...never would have been on my radar, and if I didn't get all of it, I wouldn't have gone to try and finish it. Now, will I keep it? Absolutely!

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Return of the Best

 Sometimes on these lots, certain sets show up, trying to make you collect 1997 Bowman's Best baseball does today.

Had a bunch show up before, and with these, we get to about 75% of the 200 card base set, which would normally be enough to have me give in and start to keep/collect it, but I just don't have the interest on this one.

Sure, that Kenny Lofton card is pretty neat with the flying cap, but the overdone graphic fronts take too much away from the cards to make them overly enjoyable to me.

We do see some more duplication from the cards I've already sorted through, and there are some of the remaining cards that I am surprised would be we may still get to the point of putting up with collecting this one, but it will mean getting closer to 180 of the 200 cards before I'd give in.

The curve on these cards does make the scanning harder, as you can see, lining them up was difficult as they kept wanting the shift as the lift of the scanner pushed them around a bit.

The Bartolo Colon card, just ahead of his career isn't too shabby. I knew he was on a number of teams over his career, but didn't realize it was 11!

Still, no Jays showing up in this bunch unfortunately - but 75 more cards all in, and not a one then for me to keep. Still, very happy overall that baseball and hockey are running this lot. I don't mind the others, but since I don't collect them, I am good with have some for trade purposes, but not getting 20-30% of the cards being either basketball or football for example.

Monday, December 5, 2022

1995 Finest Football

First - nice to see Fred McGriff get the nod into the Hall of Fame - well deserved. I won't get into feelings about the likes of Bonds, etc and worthiness, but I think Fred is a solid volte and the unanimous way he was voted for speaks volumes.

As for today and the cards...another curved partial set with another edition of Finest. Anyone who has these cards has probably seen the nice curvature they can build over time. Nothing wrong with the cards themselves, just like Chrome cards, they can get a nice curve to them unless you keep them under heavy books or bricks.

A very electrifying design, all the cards do have the protective film on them still which is nice. I think many people kept these on even back in the day. Honestly, if the cards you are issuing need a layer of protection like this before getting to the consumer, may not be the best finish for the cards.

These are all coming from the first series which is 165 cards, and not the smaller 110 card second set.

The backs are quite colourful - I can say that at least. Print is a bit small for my liking, but otherwise, about what you would expect.

Well - not a bad set really, but not for me....anyone interested in it, just let me know!

I am getting close to having 100 trades done in 2022...with another one to share from TCDB, this one with member _M.

A nice mix of cards including Alomar which is the last 1994 Upper Deck Blue Jay card I needed for the team set (yay!). Otherwise, the Leaf inserts and Young Gun cards are nice pick ups. I was also happy to trade away three times as many cards to get upgrading through trades.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

2007 Bowman Heritage Baseball

 Though I am not a big Bowman fan, I don't mind the nice thick cards of Bowman Heritage, though you still have the "problem" of an overabundance of rookie cards.

These however fit as being a base card variation (signature versus no faux signature), and the insert checklist cards, so happy to keep those....and then the rookies...

Look at all those flat colour backgrounds and diamond name plates. Not too made with some of the rookies here though. Kala played about 126 games over a few seasons between Kansas City and Oakland. Chad had a handful of games in the majors, as did Greg Reynolds. 

Never going to complain of the old time design, though shows how use to it we are for having names, teams and other info stuck on the front. Since we have 100 sets out each year, can get behind one being label-less on the front.

No Jays today, but solid with the inserts so, I'll take today as a positive!

Saturday, December 3, 2022

New To Me Newer Cards of Older Times

 Today's COVID lot pullings are a bunch of hockey cards in the "not so retro, but retro subject matter" variety.

These are my first cards out of the 2001-02 Upper Deck Legends 100 card base set. It's one that, even just starting, I love the content and would like to collect. It's not on my "wants" yet on TCDB as there is so much out there I am looking for still, but I wouldn't say no to getting more.

2006-07 Parkhurst, I do have some cards of, so get to add another here.

In 2003-04, Parlhurst also put out six different Original Six sets, one covering each of the Original Six teams, so it's an entire set of Leafs which I only had a couple of before, so nice to get a few more here. Great content too when you can span the entire history of a storied team.

This point card is an insert from one of the other Original 6 bonus points if you can figure out which one.

I don't know why it makes such a big difference to me, but the In The Game offerings of throwback or vintage player sets, just don't appeal to me the same way as those done by Parkhurst or Upper Deck. Is it just me? DOes this appeal as much as, or more, to some people out there? What am I missing?

I loved the Maple Leaf Centennial set which came out in 2017, but I guess the other side is the Montreal similar set from which Yvon comes, and of which, I have no interest in collecting.

The 2008-09 Masterpieces set, I have loved since I first received cards from the set. I am down to needing just a handful to complete the small 87 card set, but unfortunately, these couple Dale cards are dupes.

Let's end today with some newer cards, that are just newer to me and from a TCDB trade with Setshot68.

I have been lucky enough to have picked up plenty of the 2022 Topps Jays without buying a single pack or card or anything. The wonders of trading! Also nice that a couple of these are uncorrected error cards, so need a second copy of those as well.

The Bo is a great photo, and always love getting another Vladdy too.

The other part of the trade provided some 2020-21 Topps stickers which highlight that there are never enough Carlton cards.

Appreciate the trade and the additions!

Friday, December 2, 2022

Always There

 Though they didn't spend all of their time with a single team, it's how many might remember them. In card terms, during the late 90s, these are some of the guys that seemed to be in every pack of cards.

It's a shame he played for Montreal. I mean, I couldn't like the guy right out of the gate. I had to wait until about 2009-2010 when he moved to Anaheim in order to actually admit he had talent. A small sampling of cards for Saku, he was a main part to Montreal for a good stretch of his time there. Though even his Montreal time is essentially in two parts - before and after his public battel with non-Hodgkin lymphoma - though the quality of both runs were good.

I swear, this man was in every pack of cards I ever opened, and as a Bruin. Even though he was in Boxton for about 9 of the 13 seasons he played, it wasn't his cards with Edmonton, Carolina, Montreal, Florida, or Chicago I ever remember - just Boston.

Another one where - not all his time was in Colorado, but, other than for rookie card purposes, his time in his first season with Quebec, before the move to Colorado, isn't the focus, or the years after Colorado with Philadelphia or Nashville (before a short return to Colorado before retiring).

11 seasons with a point a game or more is a great feat - it's just the last couple seasons it didn't happen. Great player, and wouldn't have minded more of his cards...unlike the other two. ;)

Thursday, December 1, 2022

2013-14 SP Authentic Hockey

Like Chrome, I never really go into SP Authentic sets much over the years. I think it's mostly the "floating player with graphic design". It's not a hatred or anything, just a lack of desire to collect anything beyond my precious Leafs.

I needed almost all of these, so a nice success in this bunch of about 160 cards. Not a surprise that, given the way SP Authentic has SN cards in the "base" set, that none of those show up here, but let's take a look at some of the cards...

You do get a smattering of past stars, but no surprise that even the base card Gretzkys and Lemieuxs are nowhere to be seen here. Some of the cards do show up in duplicate, which is alright....good cards in general, heck, for the price, love getting good trade fodder like this.

The black and white colour scheme is pretty basic, but works. I like the contract as it's easy to read and my lack of sight appreciates the easier read. I do however hate the fact that the small pic is just a cropped version of the front photo. Always find that as being a lazy way to do it. Just don't bother with the back photo if you are going to be that lazy.

Miss the nice Nordique uniforms. I am sure they may be considered too basic these days, but very nice.

All together, these cover about half of the 150 pure base cards from the set. A good start, if I wanted to go after the set, but not one I overly care for fodder!