Monday, May 16, 2022

Going Pro

 In what has to be a set so poorly done, that it's awesome, today we get some 1990-91 Pro Set cards. I have a complete set, but not a master set - there are so many errors in this set, corrected and not, that I don't really plan on getting a master base set, but you never know.

We do gets some additional Leaf keepers here though.

Of course this is 1990-91 Pro Set we are talking about, so I have copies of these all already, but the traded ones are especially nice to get duplicates of since they aren't ones you look at and think "Leaf" card for.

Though I mentioned all the errors in this set, only one new keeper in that regard...

About 50-60 traders, but just going to show a dabbling...

The backs are pretty straightforward, and other than maybe a bit better use of the border space - slim it down and add a few more stat lines, the design is solid.

One of the other parts of this set people think of or remember - the ref subset and the fact that, at 700+ cards, you get those, a coach subset, hall of famer and all star team subsets too. If you allow for a big set, plenty of good subsets you can include. Nowadays, the base set is 200 cards and all of those subsets are insert sets with 5 different parallel versions.

There is something to be said for the simplicity of a big base set.

I can say that here, we now have the last full team baggie of 1982 Topps baseball cards from Swing And A Pop Up, but don't get me wrong, I think there's a bit more in the 10+ other baggies that are still there to go through.

Another solid subset from the set with the leaders, and I really like how these were done too - highlight all the stars, and fit them all in one card. Doesn't hurt getting the stars in together.

Yeah, can't have a Rusty card without letting out a little chuckle....

Over 400 cards now, more than half the set, and the majority of those, coming right in the package. There's still plenty more to go through, and I expect most is of the Toronto team variety in cards, but this alone has been a grateful package to have received.

Sunday, May 15, 2022


 It was bound to show up sooner or later - some basketball cards! With a mixed sports card lot, no surprise, but cool as to what these are, from 1994-95 Upper Deck...

Subset cards - pretty cool as sometimes these get plucked out when someone has gone through base cards first. A number of solid players here - Hardaway is my fave of the bunch. Not the only star power in the cards though...

Going to have the stars of the day when you are dealing with an all NBA Team subset. I mean, sure, a couple cards missing from the bunch, but still, awesome bunch of All Stars. A bit surprised we still have a Shaq card as I always expect those to be plucked before these lots get to me.

The design is slightly different from the Upper Deck hockey set with a basketball mid left on the card - not a bad design choice, definitely stands out, and at least it's team colour coded.

Let's end with something more for my collection from Swing And A Pop Up...

My preference in photos is always action shots, but it doesn't mean you can't get a good variety of staged photoshoot shots. I mean, Rick looks absolutely thrilled to be there, which Rowland seems to be in a police line up. Very different.

Some great adds here between Andre Dawson, Carton Fisk, Gossage, some solid names to add to the set - love it.

Getting close to 400 cards in the 792 card set with all the additions today...and still more to come!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Changing It Up

1991-92 and 1992-93 Parkhurst sets looked very similar on the front. Even the back was similar, save the very different colour used on the background. So when 1993-94 Parkhurst came out, the design was a big change.

Slight modifications maybe, and the design could go for something out of the late 2010s. I'm still not collecting this set, so these are the two keepers for me - actually both were new ones too. The design was a good step up for my liking from the prior years though.

I wish the base set didn't bother with the foil Parkhurst logo though. I would have been fine with the Emerald Ice parallel being the usual green foil, but instead of this silver foil, just a non-foil logo would have been fine.

Otherwise, the Parkhurst green and black used for the bordering works well, and you get the odd great photo too - here I really like Eddie looking back, and the snow cloud Luc is stuck in.

The backs are fine with a good second photo. Other than wanting more stats on the base cards, these "Parkhurst Prospect" cards are fine. No Young Guns, but that's what they were trying to be back in the day, and it worked fine enough.

I don't think this will be a set I get drawn into collecting though, but I can still appreciate the design being one that I think stands up well.

Let's continue working through the wonderful team baggies from Swing And A Pop Up, and specifically more 1982 Topps.

Always enjoy Buck Martinez Jays cards. I was too young to really remember much of his playing days, but he has been a great addition to the announcing team in the late 80s at first, but mroe so for the last 12 years or so for the Jays. A shame he had to step away recently for health reasons, but wishing him all the best on that front.

The All Star subset design is subtle in the difference and plays well off the base design. Nicely done.

Another solid bunch of additions, as well as one error or variation may be more appropriate...

There is this signed version and an unsigned one.

We also have a single dupe...

As luck would have it - just happened to have received one in a trade recently, but that's okay. I should be able to turn it into a base card I do need sooner than later!

Another great bump up in my cards for the set - with plenty of thanks!

Friday, May 13, 2022

A Fine Friday the 13th

 Before walking under some ladders or chasing around some black cats, let's look at a small pile of Finest cards, specifically 1998-99 Topps Finest hockey.

I didn't have any cards from this set, outside of a Leaf card or two picked up by trade, until one of the last lots of cards I bought. In that lot, had enough to put aside a start on the base set build. These all have the protective cover on them, which is my preference for them, though Sami's seems to be a little damaged on the top, though the card itself seems fine.

A few dupes, so a reminder of the backs which are pretty good as well. A couple decent stars in the bunch, and more keepers than not, so all good there - 80 of 150 isn't too shabby.

Before we call it a day, let's keep the 1982 Topps love coming with another bunch from Swing And A Pop Up.

I still stand by the fact that Hal McRae was in every pack I opened as a kid. I know, it probably wasn't quite that bad, but he was just one of those players and names that seemed to be in so many of the packs I did's like he was everywhere!

Also, not only is Jojnny showing what masks of the day looked like, He is also showing how close a name could go astray if you just switch the W and F...

An all Canada team trio across the top here. Alfredo Griffin I always had a soft spot for, though not sure why other than it always seemed like he was really enjoying the game and being in the moment, but then again, watching as a kid, that's how I enjoyed the sport and watching.

Harold Baines - I guess he would look young in 1982.

The stream of help continues...I may just get to more than half way done on this set by time I am finished with the cards sent my way, which would be amazing!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Look Overhead

 Today's cards from the COVID lot aren't really new as I've seen plenty of the set, but still not done the set so some keepers. Let's start with my Toronto cards.

1991-92 Parkhurst can be tricky at times to recognize. I typically first tell the year of the card by checking the stats since that will show you the last year before printing. In this case though, the latter part of the set was released with 1991-92 stats on them, so it doesn't quite work. 2004-05 and 2005-06 years for hockey are tricky for this too because of the lockout year.

Though I do have these, I do want to point out the great Wamsley card with the fantastic overhead goalie shot. If I was to have an "odd" collection, would totally be overhead shots like this. Might be some in baseball too - home plate type overhead shots, but I can think of a number of hockey netminders photo'd in this manner.

Not too many new cards for me as I am about 3/4 done on the base set, but still some additions.

My guess is some of the rookies pulled in other lots, are showing up a bit more here...maybe the search through and "throwing back" of rookie cards that aren't as special. Not sure.

As for the traders, plenty of those, so here they are for those interested...

Another team baggie from Swing And A Pop Up today, and more 1982 Topps goodness.

I really like checklists, and this one is clean as a sheet too which is nice and unexpected. We also get documentation of Dennis Martinez - I mean Denny - before the time I remember him, as an Expo. I was only two at this time, so forgive me for not having memories of the times, which is likely also why he looks so younf as I remember him more as the vet of course.

I swear, someone just surprised Gary Carter in the photo - probably just shouted boo, he turned around, and there's your card photo.

Definitely need some Jays dupes to have the set and the team set as well, so happy to take any of those too!

The in action cards were a nice little way to get players in with another base card.

Gossage proves just that, as we get both his base cards here - sweet! Definitely another great step forward on this set - many thanks!