Thursday, August 18, 2022

Looking Between The Pipes

 I have little interest in most sets by In The Game. The Between The Pipes sets are no exception, though I can appreciate the uniqueness of the goalie for photo and action pic purposes, so can at least understand the draw.

Today we get a long look at 2010-11 In The Game Between The Pipes

These mish-mash sets of prospects and junior players, current NHLers and stars of the past are just a bit too all over the place for my liking. The juniors here are okay as far as card front design goes, though there is a lot of lost real estate on the bottom and left side with the design.

If your preference is writing instead of stats, these will be for you as well.

Well, there's a Marlies card at least, though I am still not collecting those.

We then get into the Stars of the Game subset which is the current NHL stars, so maybe a card or two of Leafs to pick up here...maybe.

Again, plenty of write up on the backs of these as well, and just career stats.

Okay, I can kind of get behind the Greats subset because it highlights players of the past I may not have collected otherwise. Not true for the one keeper here for me with Cujo.

More big write ups on the backs of the greats, and then similar with the Immortals subset. Turk is a keeper for me as well highlighting his Toronto career.

The One Game Wonder is unique - and I can at least get behind a subset highlighting would be goalies who fill in for a game or as a backup for a game. There seems to be such a story every couple years when a couple injuries result in that reserve goalie potentially seeing game time.

We end with a bunch of point cards. I guess they could be considered inserts, but unless they are player/team specific, I don't, but I like to use them to fill space in boxes where sets don't quite fill, so I will pout these to good use!

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Inserts Not Looking Like Inserts

 Today, we get a small stack of cards from 2009-2010 Upper Deck Victory hockey. I know Victory is about as "low" as you can get in cost or price point, but the sets are usually basic, but clean in design and look. I have never gone out of my way to collect a Victory set, but there are a couple I am slowly working on because I happened upon a good chunk of it - and one box I got really cheap a few years ago at Dave and Adam's in Buffalo.

A solid group of Leaf additions to start, which is great considering all in, there's about 30 cards today. Always liked Stajan with his Leaf run.

Now these cards look like any other cards from the set BUT, there are the high numbered cards which, were instead put in as inserts in 2009-10 Upper Deck Series Two. It always bothered me when they did this because it just seems like a cheap insert - but still inserts so still for keeps.

These I mind a bit less because they are a subset, and rookie inserts I can live with, even if they are really part of a different set. No massive standouts here, but nice pickups considering they are inserts.

As for the not so keeper cards...

Standard Victory backs with basics of stats and a team colour scheme. Not a complaint, just more an observation.

Not too shabby all in today, but not a set for me to collect at this point.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

No Issue With Food Issue

 May not be many cards here, but I'll always highlight a great food issue card set.

In 1992, this Donruss MVP set from McDonalds was released and, as you can see, used the same design as the Donrusss base set that same year. Believe it or not, when you bought the required food item (sandwich or breakfast entrée), you could get a pack of 4 cards for 39 cents! The trick was, it was at participating Canadian locations.

I do have a complete set, so don't need these copies, but interesting to see who was an MVP at the time.

No doubt on Darryl, this was when he was still a bright star and before things took a different turn in his career/life.

Kelly was solid and this was where Don Mattingly started to wane a bit, though I would have kept with Don.

Sandy was a solid catcher, and there wasn't quite a breakout star yet to surpass him in popularity.

Solid picks for players, a solid design for the time, and a great was to market the cards to kids, bery enjoyable! This would also explain the 6 card Jays insert set I ended up showing not too long ago from another pull from this lot.

Another PWE to share for ending today - this one with TCDB member myrke and involves getting a few random Jays I didn't have until now...

The Carter/Bonds 1993 card is for the set build, but the rest are strictly team collection pick ups. The Vladdy is my 24th, all of which I have picked up by trades which I really love saying.

As for the Bowman cards...still not my fave design but team collectors gotta collect!

Appreciate the trade, many thanks!

Monday, August 15, 2022

It SPx To Me

 I have only had one or two 2010-2011 SPx hockey cards come across my path before today, and one is a Leaf card in my collection. Beyond that, haven't seen the cards and don't recall ever seeing packs, especially because that was a time I wasn't collecting (so didn't notice, even if it was right in front of me). The good nest is, I get a pure base team set from the cards today...

Again, not the Leaf team I adore when looking back at the various teams over the years, but can't win them all. This was one of those sets with a bunch of SN "base" cards - so I don't count those when talking about the base set, or the "pure" base cards. Still, nice to get a team set!

All in, a few dupes, but not enough cards to make this into my slow build list of sets. I mean, the design is a bit flashy, but at the same time there isn't much meat to the card - logo in gold foil, player number and picture and nice big name of the set to remind you which is a bit excessive for the front.

The backs lack a second photo, leave lots of space for a small team logo, limit the years of stats shown - just not a ton there to like.

So this set is a pass for me right now, and if anyone needs any of the above, happy to trade them away to a happier home!

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Blue Jays All The Way

 Now -t his is a home run post for me. I mean, a chunk of cards from the lot which is purely Jays cards...yup, home run. DOesn't matter if they are new to me or now...70+ cards of the Jays, all good here.

As it turns out, all from the early to mid 90s - so maybe, greedy me thinking, there could be other little Jays "chunks" for other eras in here somewhere too. With the ones above, the Joe Carter Members Only Stadium club, and the Carlos Delgado Top Prospect were new to me, so there are some "new" cards for me here. THough 1994 Donruss - I have almost the full Jays team set.

No complaints at all here. Would have thought I had the 1994 Leaf cards, but a couple new to me ones there as well which is cool.

If I was in need of any Devon WHite 1994 Pinnacle cards, I am not anymore with 5 copies of that bad boy here.

The Moliton/Winfield card is the sparkly parallel - I think they call it gold, but it's not gold the way we think of it now, but it's a nice new one for me.

Even the last row is all new to me as the Devon White is an Electric Diamond parallel, and I didn't have any of Jays from the Fun Pack set before, but I at least have one now!

Wow - a blast of a Jays day today. I know they won't all be like this but I'll take it!

Saturday, August 13, 2022

2010-11 Upper Deck Hockey

Guess it works out that we just bump ahead a year and look at the product for 2010-11 since we looked at 2009-10 yesterday. The big difference to me is, I am not collecting this one (and not planning to at this point either).

That means the Leafs are my onely keepers today... 

As I said yesterday, not my favourite period of Leafs, but still - Leafs cards are always a plus.

Compared to the prior year, I think the photography is about the same, but from a design perspective, I prefer the prior year offering. Not a huge complain, this year if fine and I wouldn't fault others that disagree.

Since I am not collecting it though, it means most of the 160 cards or so, are up for trade - a quick offering of some are shown here.

Not a surprise that the backs are also fairly similar to the prior year offering, a bit of a rearrange of the pieces, but all the same stuff is there. To me the big difference is these ones have the write ups as white text in black boxes and that contrast isn't as nice to me as the prior year offering of normal black text on white - it's sometimes these smaller items which may all the difference, especially for someone with vision problems.

As always, happy to move these if anyone is interest, just check me out at TCDB and let me know!

Friday, August 12, 2022

2009-10 Upper Deck Hockey

 Today we have a bunch of cards from a set that is one of my back burner builds, and all of these cards are out of series 2. I have less than 20% of the full series going in, and this bundle pretty much doubles that with 93 new set additions for me, including some Leafs.

Though these years were not my faourite with the Leafs - I can them the Kessel years - I still must document my team, even then.

As for the rest of the additions, I believe Boston was the only team not represented at all for whatever reason, and I ewnded up with a couple adds at least for every other team.

Overall, like the fron design with the logo and the team colour matching which is nice. A solid design from Upper Deck.

The backs were good too, only small complain would be for those will fewer stats having a big empty space - something O Pee Chee sets do generally as well.

My best guess looking at the cards as a whole is that these are the remnants of a box break - someone took the inserts, young guns, and maybe some PC cards, while leaving the rest of the base cards here. I can live with that!

Just for show, here are some of the dupes if anyone has any needs - but they are all entered in my TCDB traders so just check me out there!

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Mailing It In

We have a short and sweet post today, which I hope is just having found the first part of more cards from this set. 

Here we have a string of cards - numbered 54 through 60 from the mailing 1986 All-Star set from Topps. You were able to get 10 cards from the 60 card set by sending in 6 "Spring Fever Baseball" cards, so this wasn't a set that was simply out there and collected for many card collectors, but instead, as you had to do a mail in, isn't around nearly as accessibly as the main sets.

The design isn't overly exciting, but was the design used for these sets, save for a change to the colour of the border on the front.

My fave player in the bunch will be Tony Geynn, though Ozzie has a good photo in the middle with the old White Sox uniform too.

These are in the vein of being inserts/parallels to me, so will hang on to them, and hope that there just might be more of the cards somewhere else in the lot!

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Stranger Things

When I watch Stranger Things - which is a great show, just allow for the whole suspension of reality and just allowing things to be as they are presented - I love to focus on how 80s it is. They do a great job of presenting the 80s. I may have been only a wee child as I was born in 1980, but a lot of it rings true with my early childhood memories.

1984 O PeeChee is exactly that - an early childhood memory - it was one of the first sets I had a number of cards of, so would love to get that back and ideally complete the set. Still working on a number of sets and Eddie and Dwight help those respective sets as well.

Alan is the first Drake's Big Hitters card I've picked up - and no, it has nothing to do with the singer Drake for all you young ones out there.

A stroll through cards of the 80s wouldn't be complete without at least one awesome moustache courtesy of Rollie Fingers, and a little Jheri Curl. Classic signatures of the 80s.

The League Leaders Minis from Topps and the Fleer Star Stickers are some of the stranger things card wise here, as they are a bit outside the norm for sets I'd expect to see from the 1980s.

Very nice flashback to the 80s today - very fun!

Let's end with another PWE trade from TCDB - this one with member Midnight112x and some more recent Jays cards coming my way.

I haven't bought much, if any, baseball product for 2020-2022, and I find it awe inspiring looking at how much I do have which has all been through trades like this. Especially love these where what I gave up was mostly basketball and football, neither of which really interest me, and I don't collect either, but now I have a bunch of new Jays cards including a yellow parallel Ryu which is only in Walgreens, which I would never have the chance to find "in the wild".

Oh - and Stadium Club - always enjoy, but the Robbie throwback card is really neat too.

We end with the first 2021 Topps Gypsy Queen cards for my collection. Compared to the other Gypsy Queen designs, I really like this one. I might have moved the position to be short form beside the logo, and have the name the same size as the initial, but the rest of the front looks excellent.

Thank you for the trade!

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Too Many Madduxeses

 Can't go wrong with a bunch of cards for a 1st ballot, 97%+ vote getter, Hall of Famer.

Though only the first two cards are ones I need for sets / inserts, I am sure the rest will make good trade bait.

Greg started with Chicago but is likely most well known for the years he had in Atlanta which included 1993-1995 where he won his second, third and fourth NL Cy Young awards in a row - the first being with Chicago in 1992. Combining both 1994 and 1995, he was 35-8 with an ERA of about 1.60! Truly an amazing talent.

Amazing that Greg pitched over 22 seasons and after his time in Atlanta, spent time back in Chicago, as well as in LA and San Diego. For a player with the personal accolades that Greg received, I am sure he also is most glad to have the World Series ring for 1995.

A nice bunch of cards representing a great Hall of Famer.

We end today with one of my most successful team set completing PWEs, with a trade from svcabo at TCDB.

They may be small sets, but the above completed my 1987 Fleer Limited Edition, 1988 Fleer Baseball MVP's, 1989 Fleer Exciting Stars, and 1993 Classic Four Sports team sets. There were a lot of these smaller box sets back in the late 80s and early 90s, and I know I am still missing a bunch, but at least this takes care of a few.

I was surprised these were listed on TCDB, let along someone having one in package, including the 31 year old candy, that they would trade to me so I have the one Jays ball. These are little 2 inch in diameter plastic baseballs with 3 players pictured on the ball. Very cute, but definitely not a card as far as I consider such things. A nice get regardless, and a great trade with many thanks to svcabo!