Sunday, December 4, 2022

2007 Bowman Heritage Baseball

 Though I am not a big Bowman fan, I don't mind the nice thick cards of Bowman Heritage, though you still have the "problem" of an overabundance of rookie cards.

These however fit as being a base card variation (signature versus no faux signature), and the insert checklist cards, so happy to keep those....and then the rookies...

Look at all those flat colour backgrounds and diamond name plates. Not too made with some of the rookies here though. Kala played about 126 games over a few seasons between Kansas City and Oakland. Chad had a handful of games in the majors, as did Greg Reynolds. 

Never going to complain of the old time design, though shows how use to it we are for having names, teams and other info stuck on the front. Since we have 100 sets out each year, can get behind one being label-less on the front.

No Jays today, but solid with the inserts so, I'll take today as a positive!

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