Thursday, December 15, 2022

Sneaky Update

 When I first pulled these cards, I figured we had some basic 2015-16 flagship cards to share, and nothing to keep since I am not working on that one, however, on further inspection, these cards are numbered between 501-530, which is the Update set.

What makes this a bit unusual - well, more annoying as it's something Upper Deck did more regularly through the last decade or two, is to insert one set as inserts in another set. In this case, these update cards were inserts in 2015-16 SP Authentic.

I do wonder what the reason is. I suspect it may be because there isn't enough to put together a full set - though you'd think they could scape together enough if it meant selling more cards in packs, but with only 30 cards to the Update, an insert makes sense versus obviously a full release or "box" set of those 30 cards.

It does mean they are "inserts" so keepers for me, and 16 out of 30 is a pretty good part of them. I didn't have any before, but some decent one here, with Lecavalier being my personal favourite. No Leafs though, but I can overcome that considering I thought there'd be nothing to keep here.

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