Saturday, December 10, 2022

Decked Out

A winner of a day as far as pulling cards I want from the COVID lot - so let's first look at the traders... 

Early 90s Upper Deck as overproduced but really really good sets. Not quite Jays cards with Roberto and Cone as these cards are outside their Jays days. Also, if you are going to look for Upper Deck cards in the early 90s, a Ken Griffey Jr is always a nice pull.

The winners for today though are...

None of the Jays cards are new, as I do have a complete Jays team set, however I am building the base set slowly, so some of these will happily fill the role of working out that set. Others, fall in line as a 4th, 5th or 6th copy of the card depending on which it is.

Always like hitting a run of Jays in these lots, for obvious reasons, even if it may be from a set I have them completed on. As per below, these also bring my Toronto content from the COVID lot to over 300 cards which is pretty darn solid.


  1. Ah yes.. Eddie Zosky.. The Big Thing that wasn't..

    1. What, getting 44 games in the bigs over 5 seasons with a .160 batting average not good enough? ;)

      He was definitely played up to be "something big" that sputtered out quickly.