Thursday, December 8, 2022

Another Revisited

 Like just a couple days ago, the COVID lot pops up another repeat set, which, like a couple days ago, provides some more cards, but not enough motivation for a set collection.

I do however get one more addition to keep for the Leaf collection with a second copy of this really nice Lindros Leaf card from 2013-14 SP Authentic.

A lot of the same faces we saw in the earlier post, so not a bunch to go over on that account. I mean, a few new cards, but still not enough to get me collecting it.

I do think it adds some nice trade fodder though as I can see team collectors not having cards from such a set.

I guess, if anyone does want a solid started set from this, just let me know, should be able to get you more than half way on the pure base cards if you are interested!

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