Thursday, December 29, 2022

Public Disservice Announcement

Good day to you all. As I decided to go through this painful exercise - I thought I'd make sure everyone out there was aware of it so that you could choose to ignore it (unlike me), or, if you are compelled to have to follow in my sad footsteps....ensure I don't feel alone.

Today, a quick reminder (or maybe it's not so lucky new information) of the micro variations on 1990 Fleer baseball cards. I decided to go through my, thankfully, small started on this "set" to break it up into two that I will work on.

As you may not necessarily, quickly see, this variation is all about the printing line at the bottom. On Canseco, you have the "Fleer Canadian" version, which is the Canadian printing of the set. Simple enough to tell once you are aware. I am going to continue ahead with working on this set.

Lance and Jerome are both the "American" version or printing from this set. I am going to also now continue to build the American version as well.

I will not however be caring of whether I get the U.S.A." versions like Lance, or the "U.S.A" versions like Jerome. I did go through and ensure my cards are all listed properly on TCDB, especially for this "dot" / "no dot" variation as I know it can matter to many, but for a set build, I am not going to care.

The importance of tracking the microvariation does matter to me when it comes to my Blue Jays collection, so want to be just as detailed for others.

Was it fun to strain my eyes looking for a dot? No - but by 1990, manufacturers were nice enough to have already given us practice - Donruss - I am looking at you!

For those of you that may gloss over these variations - you are a better person than I, while for those who are going to, or have taken on the task of separating and tracking these variations...thank you for not making me feel alone.


  1. I knew about the Canadian and US versions... but didn't realize there were two different US versions. I don't usually go out of my way to seek out these different variations. The one exception is my Tony Gwynn PC. Don't think I have the Canadian Gwynn yet, but I might have both of the US cards sitting in a box. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Wish I didn't have to give the heads up - those micro differences are tough on the eyes!

  2. UGH I forgot about those micro variations. I despise micro variations. OK the Canada vs USA variations I don't consider micro and sometimes I try to be aware of both, but those dot vs. not dot drive me nutty. I'm also looking at Donruss complete with the "I'm looking at you" hand gesture. Sometimes I wish I didn't know about TCDB LOL.

    1. Love TCDB too, but those microvariations do make me exhausted at times to care / not care about.