Monday, December 5, 2022

1995 Finest Football

First - nice to see Fred McGriff get the nod into the Hall of Fame - well deserved. I won't get into feelings about the likes of Bonds, etc and worthiness, but I think Fred is a solid volte and the unanimous way he was voted for speaks volumes.

As for today and the cards...another curved partial set with another edition of Finest. Anyone who has these cards has probably seen the nice curvature they can build over time. Nothing wrong with the cards themselves, just like Chrome cards, they can get a nice curve to them unless you keep them under heavy books or bricks.

A very electrifying design, all the cards do have the protective film on them still which is nice. I think many people kept these on even back in the day. Honestly, if the cards you are issuing need a layer of protection like this before getting to the consumer, may not be the best finish for the cards.

These are all coming from the first series which is 165 cards, and not the smaller 110 card second set.

The backs are quite colourful - I can say that at least. Print is a bit small for my liking, but otherwise, about what you would expect.

Well - not a bad set really, but not for me....anyone interested in it, just let me know!

I am getting close to having 100 trades done in 2022...with another one to share from TCDB, this one with member _M.

A nice mix of cards including Alomar which is the last 1994 Upper Deck Blue Jay card I needed for the team set (yay!). Otherwise, the Leaf inserts and Young Gun cards are nice pick ups. I was also happy to trade away three times as many cards to get upgrading through trades.

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