Friday, December 23, 2022

Decked Out

'Twas the night before the night before Christmas and all over this blog, cards from Upper Deck to share!

The COVID lot provides a smattering of early 90s Upper Deck hockey including just a couple keepers, though Tie Domi is always a pleasure to see. Loved his time in Toronto, definitely a favourite.

A single Leaf addition, and not a new one, but a welcomed keeper with Osborne.

Other than these couple uncorrected error card keepers, the rest are trade bait...

With all of the hologram variations, I almost missed the French language Bondra. Sometimes, there's just too much going on with all the possibilities with these cards...but I know all the little variations do matter to people, so it's important to try and catalog 100% correctly so as to make trading as easy and fruitful as possible!

Let's finish today with some baseball cards by way of PWE trade with TCDB member 80s90sHoopHead.

When people point to the laziness of Topps in recent years, it's the errors like that on the leader cards above that really draw my ire and attention. I needed, and here received, dupe copies as these fall into not only my Jays collection, but also my error collecting binders as well.

I mean, when someone copy and pastes things from one card to say, the stat heading on the back saying AVG on every one of these cards, even though they are obviously different stats. I mean, just, lazy.

I do like the Spring shiny Stars insert card...very cool.

We also get to end with the Jays "Mascot" - though not sure why he isn't referred to as Ace...may be a trademark or name thing? I don't know, but a one and done Jays insert, so all kinds of cool and awesome, including the COVID mask reminder for when the photo was taken.

As always, big thanks to HoopHead!

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