Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Ending with a box

So this month, I spent giving thanks to a number of trade partners, sellers and others I have received cards from. There are many others I could thank, but only so many days in the month, and I am not going to be posting multiple times a day - once a day has been working well for me.

Today, I end with a box trade with clmdesign. I sent off about 800 cards and received back below (guessing about 500). Numbers don't matter to me, and glad to shrink the collection anyway. As for what was there, we will see below, but much to add to the collection so....woo hoo!

Let's begin with the 1986 Topps baseball portion of the box. Going in, I had about 60% of the set completed. I have a feeling that is going to jump a lot after this one. Let's take a look at the adds...okay...not all of them as there was a good 100+, so some highlights instead...

Wow - and with that, the set is now up to 77.7% complete! Far enough along, I pulled the set from my general baseball card boxes and put them in a separate 800 count box for the set completion - now just need the rest of the set.

We then have some 1987 Topps.

Most of these are improvements for cards as some of those in my set are quite warped, and I wanted to replace them. That said there were 3-4 new ones as well, so down to less than 15 needed for the set, including replacements.

There were a few cards which didn't really fit my collection, but that I didn't have, and that I know may interest not another baseball card blog writer, so I'll show those as well...

The rest of the baseball keepers are Jays content.

A nice bunch - not that I needed any of the 1991 Fleer yellow cards, but the more the merrier. Love the 1981 Donruss though, as these were all new to the collection. I still need a bunch for that team set. Really like getting the Summit card as that is a set I never see.

Baseball wasn't the only thing in the box though. I don't believe clmdesign collects hockey, so I got a bunch of hockey cards too. There was a bunch of 1991-92 Upper Deck, and I needed a bit of it. There was a bunch of 1991-92 O Pee Chee, but I have the set, so didn't need much from it, but here are some of the cards for show...

There were a couple 1991-92 Upper Deck inserts which I didn't have. The hologram of Belfour scanned beautifully here beside one of the Brett Hull Hockey Heroes inserts.

A few other cards and examples of the 1991-92 Upper Deck cards.

There were a few Leaf cards of course as well...

Nothing new, but again, nice to gets.

With that, we end the entire excellent box. Appreciate the trade, and the trades I have been able to do with everyone, those I covered this month, and all the others I have had the pleasure of trading with as well.

I can't thank you, and these people, enough!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A fan of a fan

Today's thanks go to someone I have traded with a couple times - Detfan6897 - who was nice enough to offer up a small PWE trade. In exchange for a couple duplicate Red Wings, I can away with some additions for both the Leaf and Jays collections...

These were unexpected inclusions in the envelope. Always happy to get non-Canadian Score cards when talking early 90s hockey since these were not the norm from my collecting time. Being, you know, in Canada, the American versions weren't very plentiful, so getting them now is a great add.

Frankly, this was the card of the bunch I was looking forward to most. A nice early 2000 Topps insert, and of Mats - that combo is always a good add to my collection. It scanned alright, but much shinier in person.

Would you believe that his best season stat wise for Toronto was when he was 37, in 2003, when he hit 15 homers and batted over .300 which he didn't do in any other season in his career, for any of the 7 teams he played with.

A lot of potential when he started in Toronto, but his best seasons were around decent and for Houston.

Lastly, my second favourite card in the envelope. This one documents Alomar's ability to create runs through stolen bases (a lost art form these days) and walks.

Again, a big thank you to Detfan6897 for the trade.

Rather than wait until the month is over - wanted to sneak in another bunch of Listia wins. All from the same seller who has been putting up a lot of 2018 Women's Division WWE cards, and some others.

Some more of the 50 card base set. I will probably buy a blaster at some point as, with a 50 card base set, I would expect a blaster should get the set done - or very close to it.

My daughter is happy I got the Bayley card since that is her favourite wrestler.

The memorable moments inserts are plentiful, another 50 cards, and honestly, a picture for Charlotte that should have been her base card - the peacock outfit is a great one and fitting of the Flair style.

We end with a 2018 Then Now Forever insert from the Wrestlemania Roster, with Big Show with a "not sure why I am here, but whatever" type of pose.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Return of the Pete

I know AirPete is someone I already thanks this month, but another is definitely deserved for a separate trade that we did. As usual the focus is Jays, but a few other items covered in the bunch of cards as well.

More mid-80s Jays that I needed. I don't remember Bobby Cox in his role as manager in the mid 80s for the Jays, but do remember him managing Atlanta when the Jays were winning the World Series in 1992.

One trade and I am down to just needed Fred McGriff to finish the team set - woo hoo!

These are obviously not Jays, but a few more needs for the 1988 Donruss set. Down to about a dozen or so left - should add to the most wanted page soon actually.

This one does actually complete the 1989 Fleer team set which is awesome! It includes an error Iorgh instead of a corrected one, but either works for me.

Love the mini Leader set.

A mix of Jay needs and error cards - I think it's obvious which is which.

Another great trade and big thank you to AirPete and hope we can trade more in the future.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Taking a shot

Didn't get a chance to talk about game 3 yesterday before posting, but kudos to anyone who stayed up and watched. I pick one game to watch, and it goes over 7 hours - thank goodness it was a Friday night. What a game - will be game of the series regardless how the rest plays out.

Anyway, Setshot68 was in need of a few basketball inserts, and was able to send across a bunch of early year Jays cards in return, so no better way to thank them than to share with you all the goodies I received.

I still have a ways to go on the 1977 Topps team set for Toronto, but at least 1978 is down to a few cards.

These make a good dent on 1979 as well. I really enjoy the sets from these years because they have a good portion of the team, not just the top 5-10 stars like a lot of sets these days. Many of the team sets from 1977 through into the 90s (especially for Topps, but others too) can be 20 plus cards.

1983 Topps is down to only three cards left as well, most notably for name being Buck Martinez. We do start seeing some longer term "when I was a kid" Jays here with Upshaw and Whitt.

We end the package with a couple really nice cards with the Fleer Award Winner Fernandez, and best for last, food issue Chef Boyardee Bell. I don't remember those well, and had a lot of Chef Boyardee as a kid too, so a great pickup circa 1988!

Only because, I have a number of Listia wins, and want to share some now, there have been a number of 2018 Women's Division wrestling cards available and I have picked up some of them, and here are a few that came in...

These are a few of the base cards - and the first I have. I don't mind the pink graphics side/background, but man - it really contrasts with the character of Nikki Cross. With the base set only being 50 cards - there are a few different insert sets which are in the one per pack or every other pack range - I may have to work on finishing the base set one of these days.

Speaking of those insert sets...

A couple cards out of the 50 card insert set documenting the Wrestlemania roster, and a number of memorable match and moment inserts as well. The Wrestlemania inserts are pretty basic in design, but would be neat seeing someone who was there a few years in a row, cards side by side. The match highlights at least provide some nice action shots.

Plenty more to come by over the next couple months I am sure.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

5 for 5 but all just 1

A couple thanks today, one to Icpfan4life98 for a nice trade at TCDB. He typically works card by card and offers one for one trades, which generally I don't like because it costs the same stamp to send 5-10 cards or more depending. So, when he offered a card for a card, and it was a Jay as you will see, I asked how many he had, and that I would take them all for equal trade.

So in exchange for 5 cards he needed, I got these 5...

1993 Leaf Todd was not previously in my collection, so I wanted one, and what is better than one....well 5, so more for the overflow Jays collection as well.

Goes for anyone else too - Jays and Leafs don't have to be new to me, my preference is new, but will have no problem taking duplicates for my collection. So thank you!

I also had some additional Listia wins I needed to thank buyers for offering up, and that show a goo variety of what I find on there that goes right to my collection.

I liked that these were all in a lot. The seller had a few, and since any deck can only have up to 4 of any card in it, the one buy gives you all you need for a deck. Not that I would use four in a deck, but I will keep for of any artifact cards just in case.

Here is Daffney - a lot more grown up that when I remember her from her early days in WCW allied with David Flair.

A couple more wrestling cards...seems that the women are mostly what goes up on Listia - for whatever (sex appeal?) reason....

Both dabbled with appearances in WWE, but made their names and careers in TNA/Impact.

Nice to pick up some 1977 Topps Jays. I wouldn't mind having 10 or 20 of each, just so classy, and happily about as far back as I need to go being a Jays collect - which is nice on the wallet.

These were all single card wins off Listia. mid-80s Fleer sticker and some dupes of Jays cards I definitely have, but at the right price.

The best of the bunch, and newest of the bunch as well. The throwback design is nice, and the card stock, look and stamp at least make it easy to ensure no one is confused from the original cards, though it does beg the question of, what set did the worst in being too identical to the original, so much so, that you could mistake it for the original (except of course, the player not playing at the time). Maybe another time though.

Right now, just another thank you for those on Listia!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Wally and the Jays

Okay, some Leafs too, but that would be too long a title.

We have looked at the cards I received from WallyCub which related to moving along the completion of sets I was working on, and yesterday, some sets that were heavily added to, and today - the Toronto content.

Yes - I will hang on to Toronto Triple Play cards as much as I hate them....still "count". A K-mart Dream Team Bell is just great, especially with the full head of hair on display. The Big Gruber isn't too bad either, though they are a bi tougher to store in sleeves with their size.

Was never a fan of the Classic sets, but it is an interesting idea to purposely make room on the back to get a signature on the card.

As for the Leaf content, we hit three sets...

This goes with the cards from yesterday, as I needed a second set to have one for the Leaf binder and one for the complete set.

1990-91 Topps is close to completion now...

and lastly...

Have the O Pee Chee and most of the Leafs in duplicate as needed, but didn't have much for the Topps version, so these were great to get.

So, that is it, and a final big thank you to WallyCub. I know there is plenty I can still send his way, so may end up doing another box some time soon!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Wally gives a set and starts a couple

Here is a nice one and done from WallyCub - I only had one card in the set - an Expo which has since found a new home. The box is sealed and not going to opened, so no cards to show otherwise, but an excellent set to add. Luckily Canada still has the Toys R Us stores for now, unlike the chain lost in the US earlier this year, but no cards like this out of the store in a long time.

Next up was supposed to heavily help the 1990-91 Team Scoring Leaders Topps set. Only problem was (and I in no way blame Wally for this one) - of the supposed Tiffany set, some were regular cards. Again, I know I very easily make similar mistakes, so not a problem at all, and I needed the cards regardless, so still to great use, but wanted to bring this up for everyone as some may not be aware.

It is especially hard and the "normal" cards are shiny, and the Tiffany have a very slight extra gloss. Honestly, the way I recognize the two is by running a thumb over the top of them lightly - you get a lot more sound off of the normal card compared to the Tiffany. Any other tricks people have for these, please share!



Honestly, can't tell at all in the scans, or at least I can't.

There were two sets I was not really collecting in any way before receiving this package, but that this package has but them onto the back burner. I may not actively go after them yet, but both are in striking distance that I am sure they will be close to done within the next couple years.

1990-91 Score American
I had around 30% o the set before the trade, and wasn't looking in any way to work on it. That said, I now have about 83% of the set and with about 80 cards to go in the 440 card set, as I say - it'll get there.

Instead of showing all the cards received, I am going to show one of the subsets which ends the base set...

If there are base cards desired from this set, they are in this subset. I already had the Jagr, but Brodeur would be another big one, and Primeau had a great career too. I don't remember these types of rookie card subsets being as big a deal as they are now with all the rookie chasers looking for big money investment cards, but I think that is because during the junk wax, everyone was more collecting well, everything, to save and keep as a retirement fund.

1991-92 Stadium Club
Another set that is now just over 80% complete (from what was about 12% complete beforehand). I do like the photography of the early 90s Stadium Club, which is what it is known for of course. Here is a quick nine from the pickups...

Yes, some standard hockey shots, but some stand outs even back then like the Stephane and Rick action shots - great photo work.

Yes, a lot of good set work, but tomorrow we can look at the Toronto cards that came from WallyCub as I continue to pay thanks for the great package sent across.