Saturday, October 6, 2018

Not Another Thank You

Ah, but it is. Mike at Not Another Baseball Card Blog and I have sent a number of cards back and forth over the past few years. Some has been set completion, some Jays cards, a wide variety.

The cards in this package from earlier this year included both, and today will look at the set completion cards - or at least the cards that move some sets I am working on along since that will continue the theme from yesterday.

1986 Topps

Just a few adds considering I am only around 2/3 done the set, but the Robinson is a great card and happy to be three cards closer.

A few more new and a few more replacements of not so great quality cards. I guess maybe at the time having played in 26 games for the Padres, Tim looked like a future star, but he didn't end up playing another game in the majors.

1990 Donruss - Diamond Kings

So, I do have a complete base set of 1990 Donruss, but I consider the subset of the Diamond Kings a separate set I want a dupe of, so I got these couple cards from Mike to finish off the set. Only thing was, I got the same cards from a surprise other PWE I received, so these end up being duplicates, though it is the thought that counts!

1990 Topps
Okay, lots to add here with 63 cards for the set, and to be complete, here they are now...

The last set with a few cards to work towards completing...1992 O Pee Chee Premier...

Down to a large dozen or so of cards left for the set.

Another big thanks to Mike, and more of the cards to share tomorrow....the Jays portion.

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