Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Andyroy3 trades - the conclusion

Today we finish up with the thank you to andyroy3 by looking at all the non-Fire Safety Blue Jays cards that were sent across.

Most of the rest of the 1992 Nabisco Blue Jays that I was missing. It is a nice Canadian set made of Jays and Expos with the well drawn fronts and very nice comic look to them on the front and career stats line on the back.

1990 Fleer Box Bottom! I never expect to see these come across my way and the condition here is really quite great too.

Nothing unusual here per se - already have a few, except this 1990 Upper Deck Gruber is the error variety, missing the copyright line on the back.

You can tell in the comparison, the Post card is slightly below normal card size. Also, this Jimmy Key card was supposed to be the error one (back being that of card 23), though it is card 20. Not to fear, still happy to have it, just needed to make sure the rror version stays on mu want list.

There were a few non-Jays too...

A couple additional copies of 1990 Donruss cards for error/variation cards.

I am getting closer on the hologram inset cards from 1990 Upper Deck.


Oops...I think this was supposed to be a Jays sticker, but Dick was sent instead. Didn't have this anyway so still alright to have!

Awesome couple packages and really added some great cards to the collection.


  1. Nice Fleer box bottom! Don't have one of those in my Jays collection yet.

    I haven't had the pleasure of trading with AndyRoy3 yet, though I have seen his name come across my wantlists a couple of times.

  2. Nice! I was glad to be able to get the Nabisco set put away.. I loved those cards when they first came out..

    By the way, I got the parcel you sent today.. Thank you!