Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Andyroy3 - Part 2 and some Detfan adds

Here we are and frankly, I am going to continue where we left off yesterday in sharing some more Blue Jays Fire Safety cards from andyroy3. First though, I have to be thankful for how well the Leafs have been doing so far in this early season. To have started 6-1 and looking, for the most part, like an offensive juggernaut, it hopefully bodes well for a continued, solid, season, and hopefully a long playoff run.

That is the extent of the hockey focus for today though....as for cards...

The first....

Looks familiar and it is - a second 1992 team set, also wrapped. Excellent to have....but not so excellent for sharing - sorry!

They weren't all complete team sets, there were a few singles...

This is the 1989 Fire Safety team checklist. I don't have any of the other cards from the set, so a great add here.

Another set I didn't have much from and these were adds to - the 1991 set.

We will finish with another full set though....1986!

Compared to the white borders, I really like the blue border on this set. Hard to believe that was the 10th Anniversary of thwe team....32 years ago...

Again, a big thanks, but wait - there is more! We will go through the other cards I have received from andyroy3 tomorrow.

What I do also have quickly today, is a few adds from Detfan6897....

Something these all have in common....hmmm....

This basically finished the 1987 Topps set for me, save for a handful of replacements to upgrade some cards which I need (and which, for the most part, I have another transaction which should deal with most of these).

Very much appreciated to have these come across - thanks and props to you Detfan!


  1. I've always thought that that blue bordered set was quite fetching!

    1. It does work very nicely, and could for say the Royals as well.