Sunday, October 14, 2018

Another from 860502

A repeat trade partner! Still worth an extra thank you of course.

Already covered one trade, and today we cover another which does a good job to focus mostly on years I am sorely lacking of Jays cards - you know, that small period from about 1994 through 2010. Not all the cards fit this, but a good number.

Let's do a run through.

I had never heard of this Members Only set until being offered these cards. Instead of your traditional stats on the back, it is just a write up of important recent moments. For example - no joke - the back of the Paul Molitor card says - "The post-season is Molly time". Yeah, there is a reference nobody meant to make at the time. On an unrelated note marijuana becomes legal for personal use in Canada, in just a few days.

All that aside, these do keep the Stadium Club theme at the time of some really nice photos.

A couple Topps needs knocked off out of 1995.

2000 Opening Day which shows a very vibrant opening day logo on the front compared to the tamer version used these days. At least the pklacement on this card doesn't take away from anything, but I could see it being problematic given the size.

Every time I see Jose as a Jay....still doesn't work...

A couple different Topps cards circa 2002 (the first being a team logo sticker - didn't know they still did those into the 2000s....).

More Topps with 2013 Heritage and...

We then end with more 2017 Topps needed knocked off including the sweet Northern Lights team card.

Great adds, great package, and a great big thanks!

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