Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Gifts unasked for

A while back, I received a piece of mail from TCDB user PapaG321. It was funny because on a completely unrelated item, I had sent him an e-mail just the day before the package arrived providing a big thank you for work he had been doing on the Magic card section of TCDB.

I guess it was a quick card karma coming around from the good vibes.

He just sent across a plain white envelope with 8 cards, no questions asked.

So what were the cards?

I do have a complete boxed set of the massive 1991 Score set, however I don't have a complete additional Jays team set, and that is what these work on significantly.

I needed all of these for that purpose so a great surprise and one I am thankful for.

There was one additional card which I got a laugh out of....

Not a card that fits my collection, as I collect artifact cards - but the effect wasn't lost on my, so I got a laugh out of it regardless. Just have to keep it away from my collection so it doesn't destroy any of the artifact cards I have.

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