Friday, October 12, 2018

Visit from some gypsies

PWEs are a great and cheap way to send a few cards (across the border, I find 6-8 is a good number that can be sent safely and securely as I have only had one issue on a package sent this way, and honestly, it was more my fault for not thinking early on).

I have done a number of such trades with corozco, apparently, accordingly to the Trading Card Database, seven trades over the past year or two. It's always a good thing to be thankful for when you have certain people who you can do multiple trades with like this, as you must be doing something right. Besides, nice to be able to find people you can help out like this too.

So what did we get in this PWE....

A single add to the slow build 1986 Topps set. This one made me take a quick look at how many sets I am getting close to completion, and apparently I have about 13 sets that are over 90% done. I think I have a goal already in mind for next year depending on how many of these I finish this year. Could see it being the goal of completing say 10 sets, but we shall see.

I also picked up a couple duplicate cards for sets I do have complete, but for which I want a separate team set.

Then we finish with some Gypsy cards. I find the pictures themselves are typically nothing overly memorable - at least with many of the Jays cards I see from the set. I think this is likely more to fit with the old time feel of the set which is understandable, but you need to really like the design to enjoy these cards. I like the fact they are different, but the design doesn't do a lot for me. Also, being a big numbers guy, the lack of stats on the back bothers me. Again, I know it is to fit with the old time fell, but still...

There you have it. A quick six from a great trade partner. Thank you again corozco!

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