Friday, October 19, 2018

More 49ants and two Freedemptions

A great set of cards deserves a second day of review and 49ants definitely sent some great ones so we will continue the show today. Be forewarned, I am guess a few of these aren't going to scan very well....

But to start...these will...

Some great shots in the 1994 Parkhurst Missing Links set, with these game pics. They really bring out the mid-50s vibe well.

I thought these may not scan too well, but they came out alright. 1994-95 Pinnacle parallels called Rink Collection. A bit too reflective for my liking.

1994-95 Score had their Gold Line parallels to ensure they ohad one parallel with overdone metallic shine. These ones scan not too badly considering.

More 1994-95 cards with these parallels called, more reasonably, certified gold. Thr gold being so metallic, scans not so well.

Meanwhile, Pinnacle decided the Rink Collection look was good enough to last and show up again in 1995-96 looking like this...

With the bands being circles and similar size, much easier to look at these cards than the prior. Glafd to get them regardless as these are all new to me parallels, but some just look better.

Black Ice out of 1995-96 Score. Black indeed. Hard to tell, but the first is an Artist's Proof Black Ice, versus the other two being just plain old Black Ice parallels. They scan like many Black Diamond Upper Deck sets from the 00s..

Last card in the bunch...

The slight tilt is just a scanning boo-boo on my part, but this is one of two Leafs in the insert set and seeing as how I already have the Sundin, it gives me a complete team set for the inserts....all two!

Really love the patriotic theme with the country flag emblems on the left - so I guess we end today, the way we started yesterday, talking about the country patriotism.

That, and a thank you again to 49ants for the awesome cards!

Another (two!) packages which I guess would call for a thank you to Upper Deck were a pair of no purchase necessary wins. This is my second and third, and I doubt they will be as good as the first (a Mitch Marner Serial Numbered Patch from Trilogy which goes for about $60-70 on ebay these days). So what were they...

The second which came with an identical letter...

A couple Marvel Daredevil inserts...huh...that's....something. Well, they were free, and that's something I now have for trade if anyone is interested!

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