Monday, October 29, 2018

Return of the Pete

I know AirPete is someone I already thanks this month, but another is definitely deserved for a separate trade that we did. As usual the focus is Jays, but a few other items covered in the bunch of cards as well.

More mid-80s Jays that I needed. I don't remember Bobby Cox in his role as manager in the mid 80s for the Jays, but do remember him managing Atlanta when the Jays were winning the World Series in 1992.

One trade and I am down to just needed Fred McGriff to finish the team set - woo hoo!

These are obviously not Jays, but a few more needs for the 1988 Donruss set. Down to about a dozen or so left - should add to the most wanted page soon actually.

This one does actually complete the 1989 Fleer team set which is awesome! It includes an error Iorgh instead of a corrected one, but either works for me.

Love the mini Leader set.

A mix of Jay needs and error cards - I think it's obvious which is which.

Another great trade and big thank you to AirPete and hope we can trade more in the future.

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