Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Special Edition - A Purposeful Post

Exactly as it states, a purpose for this post. I recently won a card on Listia that I was really excited about...here's the picture from the listing (full credit for the photo to the seller, and I can take it down if they wish)...

The card arrived today, and was packaged alright I think, though maybe a bit tight on the hard sleeve that was used. Unfortunately, it must have gotten a not so great trip, because here are a few pics of what I received....(front and back scans first)...

In hand shots...

So the main reason for the post - I wanted to show the pics to the seller, and since I can't send them attachments on an e-mail, I am instead sending link to this post.

Second, I want to express, I appreciate the seller doing their best, and even putting in an extra Jays card, but the card I received in hand was obviously disappointed for the damage. I think it is most clear if you look middle left side of the card - no damage before obviously, but damaged after.

The top loader makes it fairly evident, it must have got caught and crammed, bending the card once the top loader gave way.

My dilemma - they are a good seller, I have won from before, and have already won after, and I know the postage they paid on this when it was listed free shipping, so I feel they are out of pocket, and the damage is bad luck, but as I buyer - still obviously disappointed, but don't want a one off issue to hinder future wins/buys.

What do I want? I don't know as I am not sure what is fair. I will keep the card, but it isn't how I wanted it to be....and I think I am dealing with a great seller/Listian member, and will see what they consider fair first.

Maybe Canada Post should have gone on strike...maybe just disgruntled workers being jerks with the mail...(just kidding for any such workers out there - please treat my mail nicely!).

Update - I received a quick apology from the seller. I'm not too fussed about it since it didn't cost me anything out of pocket, and things happen unfortunately. Hopefully it will be along while before such happens again, and hopefully if it does have to happen again, it's something a little more replaceable.

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