Saturday, September 30, 2023

Jeff's End

 The end of September also marks the last sharing of cards from the massive piles provided by local collector Jeff Scott.

Okay, that makes my day - three Leaf rookie cards and I am good. I really like the Parkhurst Emerald Green parallels, but the full green foil background, pushes it a bit.

View from the Ice insert set....just give me all of them. I love the photo work on these, just so different and fun! I mean, if you were a bug crawling through the net....BAM! This is what you would see.

As if the cards today aren't enough already...we get a HoloFX Leaf...even if it Dion. ;)

Wow - we get a memorabilia card too!

We even end with a unique Trottier card which. It's an advertisement card, and not sure if it's really signed...hard to tell, but definitely stands out as being different. Looks like it may be a card part of auto events and handouts done, but going to have to search some more on it....very unique though.

Jeff - can't say enough good things about you. Appreciate the cards as always.

Friday, September 29, 2023

Jeff With More Puck

 Another assorted bunch of hockey cards from local collector Jeff, so let's take a look!

We start with some Pacific cards. The goalie shots are good examples why I think it's hard to get a bad goalie photo. The names could be a bit smaller design-wise, but the In The Crease insert isn't too bad.

Still not a fan of Ultra designs, but the gold medallion parallels are so uggie they work.

The Full Contact inserts are nice keepers, but the rest are solid trade bait. Skybox hockey just doesn't sit right with me, but I haven't seen a lot of them, so hopefully they make good trade fodder.

Absolute love the Leaf content (yay).

Overall, another solid bunch of fun cards to look at. I mean, Joe Sakic appearances don't hurt the star power either!

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Jeff Hockey With Inserts

 Another hodge podge of hockey cards from Jeff today, but the highlights are some of the surprise inserts/parallels.

1995-96 Score base set is done in a regular white border glossy card, but this is the Black Ice parallel. Obviously scans dark, and I do have a few of them, but these basically doubles the number I have.

Brodeur is probably my favourite of the bunch.

We then head into some 2021-22 Upper Deck flagship set cards, and only a couple keepers here as most are dupes, which is a bit surprising as I don't have that much of the set, but so be it.

The couple Leafs and Young Gun card are obvious keepers though, very nice.

The 1993-94 SP set was an insert set in the flagship Upper Deck set that year, so these are all keepers and help be with that insert set. Can't help but keep any inserts or parallels I don't have, however I will likely in the future cut these back as I need to narrow my collecting focus a bit.

Another parallel handful picked up on the Electric Ice parallel for 1994-95 Upper Deck.

2020-21 Upper Deck flagship is not in my collecting list right now, but that Predator alternative jersey is something different and unique!

We end with a couple inserts from 1992-93 Ultra. To be honest, didn't even know that insert set existed, even though I have seen many base cards from the set. Definitely the first two cards from the 8 card insert set ever to come across my hands - very cool.

Another great bunch of hockey cards from Jeff, and looks like 2 more days worth to share.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

JC With Cards For Me

Today, another nice trade share, this one from TCDB user jc645 - all baseball and mostly Jays.

 didn't expect the McKay, as that was one of a few thrown in bonus Jays, but I was trading for the entire 11 card Jays team set from the 1987 Donruss Opening Day set. I am not a fan of the border colour, but the cards themselves are great.

The logo cards in the Opening Day offering are something you may see as an insert now.

The 1989 cards are different variations of some error cards, then back to some Jays pickups.

Still need some more 1996 Pinnacle cards, but some nice adds here. We also have a one and done 1997 Denny's hologram card of long time Jays foe Roger Clemens.

Though mostly older cards, there were a few newer with another Vladdy Jr. and my first couple 2022 Topps Gallery cards. Manoah has been quite the up and down player the last couple years. Interesting to see, but a shame since, as a Jay, would be great if he could just stay at the high level of form he had last year.

Tony here is the oversized card from 1987. I don't have too many oversized Jays cards, and this is the first from the set. I have no problem collecting them now as I do have a bunch of 4 card sleeve pages...just need to get enough of the cards to fill them all now!

Another great trade from the TCDB family!

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Cards From Florida

 I am sure many of you out there know the $30 A Week Habit blog, and Robert and I have done a couple trades before, with another one recently in the books. I will say, it's always people reaching out to me for trades as I still feel "behind" on logging cards so rarely reach out first. Doesn't mean I don't want to trade as I am always happy to, just not great at initiating them.

So, what came my way was a number of 2011 Blue Jays goodies...

A handful of Allen & Ginter Jays, which  is a year I don't have too much from, so nice additions and still plenty I need. I don't mind the Hometown Heroes design, but like the base a bit better.

The rest of the cards are plenty of shiny...

Robert has sent me some of the Diamond parallels from other years and adds a bunch here as well - a couple from Update, but most are the flagship set.

I really like how these scan as the picture underneath is actually much clearer than when the cards are in hand.

Really appreciate the trade as always, and always up for another - your cards are always amazing and happily welcome here Robert!

Monday, September 25, 2023

Jeff With More Hockey

 Another bunch of hockey cards from Jeff, but no rhyme or reason, so let's just see what's here.

A number of classic early 90s sets, but the Daigle redemption card is a new insert for me. I guess it's a little late to send it in, but nice to even have the redemption card, so that's a cool pick up.

Other than the Leaf add, a bunch of Stadium Club cards from sets I am not working on, so up for grabs here.

Sure, it's a unique set of massively over produced, but additional copies of Leaf cards are still fine by me. Thank you 1990-91 Pro Set!

As I mentioned, Jeff seems to have certain star players that show up with a few numbers in these base sets. Again, does make for decent trade fodder, and I don't mind being able to pull a couple for myself if I happen to be building the set, but that's not the case with the Pinnacle sets.

The rookie design is nice being similar to the base, but obviously different enough. The foiling does make them stand out a fair bit too!

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Jeff Provide Hockey

 I don't have any creative or funny names for these - just a bunch of hockey cards from Jeff which will take a few days to get through, and which cover a smattering of many sets, and through it, some keepers and lots of traders.

These are the keepers in the cards today. One Topps card circa 1990-91, one gold parallel and a few 2021-22 Upper Deck MVP cards. I still have a box of this I need to crack into, but above are inserts/parallels that are keepers and should hopefully just be added to with the box when I get to it. The Mascot cards are pretty awesome too - wouldn't mind getting all of 'em!

As for the rest of the cards today, all up for trade...

Jef''s great for having the big names, even if these aren't expensive sets. Does help for fodder and being able to get some decent Bruins cards back for the man.

The couple early 90s Lindros cards are a great reminder of what a huge prospect and draw he was before even getting into a single game in the NHL. There have been some big stars like that since, but Eric was definitely the bog one from my childhood I remember, and part was the Quebec snub as well of course.

Not sure if it bodes well that I haven't opened that box, but all of these base cards are already dupes for my set build. If nothing else, guess that means the box will have some more trade fodder for me! Not a bad thing though as I am playing with the ideal of taking 2024 off buying and opening any new cards and just finishing getting through the unopened stuff I have and trading beyond that to reduce the trade piles which are getting a bit out of hand. Still going to keep up my Magic unopened packs collection, but that's about it me thinks. We shall see.

More hockey cards from Jeff tomorrow!

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Jeff's Food Issue

 Was trying to think of ways to break out a bit the cards that Jeff gave me, and one grouping I figured, was food issue cards. Here, we are talking about Timmies and McD hockey cards from different sets over the years. Actually a few Leaf keepers for me to share from the bunch.

The bottom two are from the 2023 Timmies release which is a "Collector's Series". I didn't get any packs when this was released, so these are the first cards from the set that I have had in hand, and happy to get them as Leaf additions of course.

More keepers - I need a bunch of the McDonald cards from the 3D sets of 1995-96 and 1996-97, so some additions here for me. These ones actually scan pretty well considering the type of cards too.

A few more keepers from the same 2023 Timmies set, but Connor is the big helper for my master 2022-23 set as he was a need.

There are a number more cards which are dupes that I don't need, so sharing here, but also of course listed on TCDB if needed by anyone...

Still a bunch more cards to share from Jeff...and I like being able to show a bunch of the traders in case they are of interest to anyone out there, to get him some Bruins.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Jeff's 90s Upper Deck Hockey

 Rather than sharing all of the cards from each of the Upper Deck sets, here's a brief smattering of cards from each. I have updating the trade list in TCDB if anyone wants to take a look for any cards you need, but let's look at the early 90s Upper Deck designs.

1990-91 Upper Deck is where we start, and has a classic design that holds up well. Clear name, good border and team logo with the name clear as well. The cards are a sharp design and a good start to the 90s.

1991-92 Upper Deck was a tweak to the design, but kept similar with the fronts keeping the name clear across the top, team names across the bottom, but the focus on the 75 year anniversary taking up the team logo spot. Oh, and here some of the art inserts which were are very well fone and memorable.

1992-93 Upper Deck had a slight move with the name on the front, and the white text on black line worked well to standout, with team accent colours and logo puck. Of the years, I think this is my favourtie design.

1993-94 Upper Deck focused more on having the team colour border, and the name being in white, in some, doesn't stand out as much. Might just be my eyesight, but maybe not. I think the photo work from 1992-93 and 1993-94 are a bit better than the earlier years too.

Overall, I did need a bunch of the cards for my work on those two sets as well, but plenty from each year on the trade list now!

A separate share today - I don't usually do single card trades, but a quick add to my 1978 O Pee Chee set build...

melamathman at TCDB was nice enough to offer up Reggie - and I couldn't say no, even if just a card for card trade. May not be perfect condition, but good for me!

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Jeff's Choice

 Today we get another set to focus on from Jeff's bunch of cards, and it isn't a set I plan to collect....1995-96 Upper Deck Collector's Choice.

A fine set, with some fine cards, like The Great One, I don't have any real complainst about the set. The design is similar to the set in other sports (I think about basketball because I have seen a lot of it).

Here they at least do the stats right by putting in full stats, and it being at the expense of a smaller picture is fine with me.

These aren't all the cards, but a good taste of what Jeff provided to me. All are on my TCDB trade list for anyone interested.

THere were some parallels also, and most of these, I may be keeping as I am actually getting close to 40% on the parallel set completion...

Okay, so a grey border may not make these all that much more exciting, and the stampjust sticks out a bit, but these are one a pack inserts, so....special!

If you wanted more special than the parallel, the platinum versions fall only every 34 packs, so much more scarce, but nice to add 5 more here, so I am up, not going to be really working on THAT set, but nice to have a few regardless. Collector's Choice isnt the only set I got that was Upper Deck related from Jeff...more on that tomorrow...