Saturday, September 16, 2023

Jeff 1978 O Pee Chee Baseball

 Okay Jeff - you got me. I am going to have to try and finish this set now since you gave me about 60% and I already have the Jays cards as well.

This will be oldest set that I work to complete. I know that isn't saying alot, but it is what it is.

As the O Pee Chee set is much smaller than the Topps set (about 1/3 of the size), it's a much more manageable goal to begin with. A bit of a shame because I think I previously had the Expo cards, and that's a good part of what I am now missing, but that's fine as I know I passed the ones I had before, into good hands.

I am Fairly confident that I wouldn't have thought of Ron being a Jays card until seeing this. Didn't realize he was in Hlue Jay garb in the photo, so bonus pick up there.

In case it's not clear, two big gieaways for O Pee Chee versus Topps - the O Pee Chee backs are much brighter and probably can be noticed right away. If you need further clarification, the copyright line does say O Pee Chee instead of Topps. May seem a simple thing, but I know that, as a kid, that wasn't something I necessarily looked for.

I though this was all the baseball cards from Jeff, but there's actually a bit more before we get to the hockey, and the next may actually help a bit on another of my set builds.

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  1. Judging from what I've seen on the blogs over the years, this seems to be A). One of the more popular OPC sets from the 70's to collect, and B). One of the easier OPC sets from the 70's to complete.