Sunday, September 3, 2023

Cal Jays

 You can guess what kind of cards I had to give up to calangels in a trade which saw some Blue Jays come my way.

We start with 3 1982 Fleer Stamps, bringing me down to just one more missing in the 5 Jays (I need Dave Stieb of course).

The Rite-Aid from 1988 is a one and done Jays team set.

Felix Jose and John Smoltz (well, Tom Glavine pictured), are copies for the error collection.

The 1993 Classics are my first Jays from that set, and only need a couple more now. Amazing that any set from the early 90s is new to me, but so be it!

We get another one and done Jays "set" with Paul Molitor from 1993 Duracell Power Players II, so nice to knock another set off the list for Jays collecting purposes.

Always liked Frank Thomas, so a couple Jays adds of him to end are great. As it turns out, the last one is also the second to last Jays card I need for 2008 Upper Deck to complete that team set.

A very productive trade all around, and always happy to turn Angels to Jays.