Sunday, September 10, 2023

Jeff Upgrades - 1989 Topps Baseball

 I met up with local collector Jeff Scott (Bruins and Tony Gwynn collector), who passed off a bunch more cards to find their way through my hands and either into my collection, or on to others as I continue to pull stuff together for him. These cards included complete or near complete sets (well two anyway) and a bunch of other cards. Today, I figure I'd share the benefits of one of those complete sets - 1989 Topps baseball.

I have a complete set myself, so had to look at whether it was worth keeping whole, selling whole, or breaking for parts, and as I had a few upgrades from it, and a few other holes to fill in my collection from it (error and variation cards), I am going to split and trade away the set.

Since we have all probably seen a bunch of the set anyway, I'll share what I am keeping from it, which isn't too much, but great to add and be close to really done on a master set for it.

Not going to complain about another team set of Jays, as these are all in really great condition too.

As you can see, not many variation cards that I needed either, but 6 is 6 more than I had before, so I'll take it. Some are small printing related differences, like Jefferson and the pink/purple triangle in the bottom left corner. I know, getting pretty detailed when it comes to a "master set" back in the 80s and 90s. Better than sets these days with purposely short printed versions (or multiple versions) of star players.

A great start to the bunch of cards from Jeff - another set to go through and share tomorrow.

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  1. Completing this set has always eluded me. No matter how many packs I go through. Makes me feel like some cards are short printed, but I don't believe they actually did that then.