Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Cards From Gandalf

A trade to share today from TCDB member Gandalf33 who was kinds enough to offer up some things Toronto, so let's take a look.

The Mini Leaders cards are needed since a duplicate for the set build is necessary now! Add in some early Stadium Club and mid-90s DOnruss Jays to boot.

Definitely the late 80s / early 80s Leaf cards are the stars of this trade. I still don't get why the desire for the scratch off for the names on the 1980-81 cards. I guess I could try and get a version of scratched and not scratched though.

One variation card with Ranheim (some of these were printed with and without the Sporting News banner on the back), and the Douggie 1993-94 Upper Deck Silver Skates Silver Retail is a one and done Leaf insert set, so that a sweet little die cut pick up to end it!

Any PWE trade makes for a great day!

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