Wednesday, September 27, 2023

JC With Cards For Me

Today, another nice trade share, this one from TCDB user jc645 - all baseball and mostly Jays.

 didn't expect the McKay, as that was one of a few thrown in bonus Jays, but I was trading for the entire 11 card Jays team set from the 1987 Donruss Opening Day set. I am not a fan of the border colour, but the cards themselves are great.

The logo cards in the Opening Day offering are something you may see as an insert now.

The 1989 cards are different variations of some error cards, then back to some Jays pickups.

Still need some more 1996 Pinnacle cards, but some nice adds here. We also have a one and done 1997 Denny's hologram card of long time Jays foe Roger Clemens.

Though mostly older cards, there were a few newer with another Vladdy Jr. and my first couple 2022 Topps Gallery cards. Manoah has been quite the up and down player the last couple years. Interesting to see, but a shame since, as a Jay, would be great if he could just stay at the high level of form he had last year.

Tony here is the oversized card from 1987. I don't have too many oversized Jays cards, and this is the first from the set. I have no problem collecting them now as I do have a bunch of 4 card sleeve pages...just need to get enough of the cards to fill them all now!

Another great trade from the TCDB family!

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