Friday, September 1, 2023

Sns, Jerseys and Autos oh my!

 Might as well end the package from Oren with a number of amazing additions...

Not sure why not having the faux autograph on the Lind card is a great choice for a short print, but I'll take is as I probably wouldn't have gone after it myself otherwise.

The Brett Lawrie cards show the regular and short printed versions of the base card. Some times the short print variations are "meh" and you wonder why they are chosen, but the jump is a great ne.

Joe Carter jersey card....yes please! I love this one, even if some complaing the material being one colour takes away from it, as I'd disagree, they are all awesome.

I was shocked by the group of auto cards. I don't have many Jays auto cards - just not something I usually look for or put the money specifically into, but these for are all great and will be in my display on my wall. The display has room for 20 cards - I have one hockey and one baseball, and looking to fill each with Leaf/Jays autographs. Then, I'll have to be picky about which ones to show.

Can't ignore the other SN cards either. Bowman may not be my favourite product, but I can get behind the "if you are going to do parallels, having a colour palette of border parallels work" movement.

A massive than you to Oren - definitely outdid yourself with the amazing package of cards!


  1. My friend has the same display, and uses it for rookies. Having one for autos is cool too. I'm honored my additions make the first run!

  2. Being only one color doesn't take away from the coolness of the Carter jersey one bit.