Sunday, September 24, 2023

Jeff Provide Hockey

 I don't have any creative or funny names for these - just a bunch of hockey cards from Jeff which will take a few days to get through, and which cover a smattering of many sets, and through it, some keepers and lots of traders.

These are the keepers in the cards today. One Topps card circa 1990-91, one gold parallel and a few 2021-22 Upper Deck MVP cards. I still have a box of this I need to crack into, but above are inserts/parallels that are keepers and should hopefully just be added to with the box when I get to it. The Mascot cards are pretty awesome too - wouldn't mind getting all of 'em!

As for the rest of the cards today, all up for trade...

Jef''s great for having the big names, even if these aren't expensive sets. Does help for fodder and being able to get some decent Bruins cards back for the man.

The couple early 90s Lindros cards are a great reminder of what a huge prospect and draw he was before even getting into a single game in the NHL. There have been some big stars like that since, but Eric was definitely the bog one from my childhood I remember, and part was the Quebec snub as well of course.

Not sure if it bodes well that I haven't opened that box, but all of these base cards are already dupes for my set build. If nothing else, guess that means the box will have some more trade fodder for me! Not a bad thing though as I am playing with the ideal of taking 2024 off buying and opening any new cards and just finishing getting through the unopened stuff I have and trading beyond that to reduce the trade piles which are getting a bit out of hand. Still going to keep up my Magic unopened packs collection, but that's about it me thinks. We shall see.

More hockey cards from Jeff tomorrow!


  1. Those '93-94 Topps/OPC Premier gold parallels are just plentiful enough to trick one into attempting a set build. But the set is so large and the cards aren't particularly valuable or interesting, so I've never made the effort to add to the 35% or so I have completed so far.

    1. Exactly - just a question really of quantity with the size of the set and getting them all.

  2. Really wish MVP didn't do short prints. Every year I fool myself into thinking I can finish a set.

    1. Yup - think I will be fooling myself too on the couple recent years I am going to take a run at.