Thursday, September 21, 2023

Jeff's Choice

 Today we get another set to focus on from Jeff's bunch of cards, and it isn't a set I plan to collect....1995-96 Upper Deck Collector's Choice.

A fine set, with some fine cards, like The Great One, I don't have any real complainst about the set. The design is similar to the set in other sports (I think about basketball because I have seen a lot of it).

Here they at least do the stats right by putting in full stats, and it being at the expense of a smaller picture is fine with me.

These aren't all the cards, but a good taste of what Jeff provided to me. All are on my TCDB trade list for anyone interested.

THere were some parallels also, and most of these, I may be keeping as I am actually getting close to 40% on the parallel set completion...

Okay, so a grey border may not make these all that much more exciting, and the stampjust sticks out a bit, but these are one a pack inserts, so....special!

If you wanted more special than the parallel, the platinum versions fall only every 34 packs, so much more scarce, but nice to add 5 more here, so I am up, not going to be really working on THAT set, but nice to have a few regardless. Collector's Choice isnt the only set I got that was Upper Deck related from Jeff...more on that tomorrow...

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