Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Jeff Upgrades - 1988 Topps Baseball

 I know. I could have done the 1987 through 1989 sets in order, on consecutive days, but I wanted to save this one for last because it's a set I only had about half done before going through these cards. In fact, I had 359 of 792. Again, I am not going to show everything, but some highlights, and discuss how much I was able to add to the set build.

There was only a handful of Jays cards here, they may have already come my way before - not sure, but from a base perspective, I am now up to 609 - so a massive jump which is awesome. There were plenty of dupes, so if anyone else is still working on this set, let me know!

A number of error cards as well, mostly uncorrected, so nothing "special", but still nice to have.

Figured I would end with this card as it embodied, well, to my childhood, the story of the time - the Bash Brothers. Sure, this has been changed with time given the steroid issues, but as a kid, not knowing about it, the power was crazy to see. As a Jays fan, it was the "bad guys" too given the number of battles the Jays had against the A's and working to overcome them. A cool card looking back still, even though the accomplishments of the men on it may be tarnished.

I think that's the last "set" helpers from the Jeff cards, but a bunch more for sharing to come!

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