Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Cards From Florida

 I am sure many of you out there know the $30 A Week Habit blog, and Robert and I have done a couple trades before, with another one recently in the books. I will say, it's always people reaching out to me for trades as I still feel "behind" on logging cards so rarely reach out first. Doesn't mean I don't want to trade as I am always happy to, just not great at initiating them.

So, what came my way was a number of 2011 Blue Jays goodies...

A handful of Allen & Ginter Jays, which  is a year I don't have too much from, so nice additions and still plenty I need. I don't mind the Hometown Heroes design, but like the base a bit better.

The rest of the cards are plenty of shiny...

Robert has sent me some of the Diamond parallels from other years and adds a bunch here as well - a couple from Update, but most are the flagship set.

I really like how these scan as the picture underneath is actually much clearer than when the cards are in hand.

Really appreciate the trade as always, and always up for another - your cards are always amazing and happily welcome here Robert!

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