Friday, September 8, 2023

Magic Catch Up

 With a couple of the recent sets out, I had to do a little quick catch up for my collection, so the usual purchase from 401games. FIrst, we have some singles from the recent Lord of the Rings crossover set.

From all the crossoveers done, this one is one of the better ones for sure. Some of the lands specifically are pretty nice, like the Citadel.

My first go through, I always pick up the low hanging fruit - all the cheap cards from the sets, and then hope I luck out and some of the more expensive ones drop, or I can trade for some of the more expensive ones eventually. As much as I like the full art cards and extended borders, these have become such a staple, they aren't really special anymore, which I think is what they were supposed to be. Now we have things like serial numbered cards and one of one ring cards that are sold to Post Malone for a couple million know...little things like that for the Magic players.....not for investors at all.

Apparently we have a runner....but some Commander Masters singles as well picked up, Another more premium set as the packs are much more expensive than typical sets. Collector boosters at about $90 CDN, and the regular boosters around $20. Makes some people re-think the collecting...

Not me though....

Well, not yet.

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