Monday, January 31, 2022

Backing It Up

 I think this works out pretty well. I was planning to show the backs of the cards, and it became almost necessary as we get a bunch more 2002-03 Upper Deck Vintage cards today.

Definitely one for the list of accolades from this lot as a SN199 card is definitely special in the lot. Now, what's the difference on the card?

All about the back. Now, if you haven't seen the normal backs on this set, no problem, just see the difference to the base cards below, and obvious why it's a "green back".

The backs are definitely vintage in feel and look - no flashy colours or extra photos, just stats. I like the idea, but the colour mix isn't great for reading personally.

The subsets are better with the contrast in colours and black text. Makes it easier to actually read them!

Similar to some of the O Pee Chee sets - whether you consider newer or older than this.

Also come away with some Leaf additions too which is just icing on the cake with the cards today.

A couple tough guys, but always had a special appreciation for Domi, though with the change of the times, glad his son didn't try going the enforcer route as there isn't much room for that role anymore in the NHL.

Let's end with part of a PWE, well, the part I will show. A small PWE with SrarsFan...

Well, if you are going to get a nice trio of Leaf cards, nothing like these beauties. I only had one other from 1980-81 Topps, so some nice work adding to the set and many thanks to StarsFan!

Sunday, January 30, 2022

I Hadn't But I Will

 I hadn't been collecting this before...

I have had a few cards from 2002-03 Upper Deck Vintage come and go through my hands. Liked it, though the yellow background fronts could have used a little sprucing up. I kept my Leafs, let the rest go, but it was never in any great number.

That however changed today as I have a solid start on the set, and with the set being 350 cards, a manageable start.

I hope none of the cards I let leave will be ones I want back, but I can live with that if it happens.

Though the design of course is different a year later than 2001-02 Upper Deck VIntage, which I started to try and work on not too long ago, the card stock is nice and thick, and though I am not a huge fan of the fronts, it is still a nice set.

A decent double image front makes up for no image on the back...will show some of those tomorrow..yes, I spot more of the set coming soon!

The toned down subsets excite me a bit more for design. I mean, I'm a numbers guy so throw a nice big number on the front of a card, and it gets my attention!

The stats leaders cards are niceloy done in getting multiple players on without it feeling smushed. Of corse you also get the rookie section because everyone loves a good rookie!

I on the other hand, will always love a good Leaf addition.

I happened to have one card in my for trade pile from this set, and of course, that made this one a dupe. Go figure!

Saturday, January 29, 2022

A Great One

 It hasn't been that many days when I have been able to walk away from pulling 50 cards from the lot, and kept all 50 cards, but today is one of those days with only 2 hockey sets to touch on.

Just a couple 1999-2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve cards in all their dark foilness, but both are needs, so good there. Then we have a bunch of cards from the Wayne Gretzky names set from that same year. I have a feeling there was a complete, or close to complete base set in this lot at some point in time, but now we have the remains of what was picked over for a couple of other people's collections before getting to me.

I don't mind the design and player "label's" on the front, and I really don't mind that this puts me over 50% there on the small 180 card set, now with over 100 knocked off the need list.

It's not a set I would have ever gone out of my way to collect, but I am not going to turn away a set that hands me 2/3 or so of it....except maybe something like a Tripe Play...but even then, who am I kidding, I bought a box of that stuff for like $8 a few years ago, and am looking to finish off the embarrassment of a set.

Nothing to be embarrassed about with this set though - will happily look to complete it at some point!

Friday, January 28, 2022

Vintage Revisited

 Another 50 from the 20 in 20 lot (now in 2022...time flies...), and we get to go back to a nice Vintage set again.

Another 20 base card keepers here to lift my completion on the base set to 110 out of 300 - again, another solid start on building such a set, though not sure where other than TCDB trades, I'll be seeing the rest of the set.

I haven't really explored web card buying outside of, but might be a set I have to look elsewhere if I really want to take a run at completing.

Still really liking those team cards - just look how strong that Devils team is - wow!

No Leafs from that set, but did get this one...

I forget some times just how long Kaberle was in Toronto. He played almost 900 games for the Buds and was here for just over a decade. Yeah, one of the players that just, the time seemed to fly by when considering how long it actually was.

I figured I best scan the backs of the Vintage set cards that are dupes so you could check out the vintage looking backs as well.

More 90s Upper Deck basketball to end this one off, including a couple Electric Court parallels which, I think I have caught all of, but they could easily sneak by given the large number of cards that have come from this lot.

Thursday, January 27, 2022


 In speaking of dribbles today - not a reference to anything basketball, but instead to a dribble of cards that fit my collection.

This 1997 Collector's Choice Star Rookie does not want to scan nicely with the dark foil here, but trust me when I say, it's the one base card need I get to add today.

Speaking of single additions, a single addition to the Toronto binders today. I 'm not a fan of the 1995-96 Parkhurst International design, but am a fan of Gartner so we can call it a wash.

Another single addition when we talk about inserts/parallels etc as we have a Pre-Production card from 1999 Topps. Always like these cards which may be a little more difficult to find.

As for the rest of the cards, a little collateral damage...

These 2001-02 Stadium Club cards were a little stuck together and didn't fair so well when coming apart. Overall, I can't complain to much as such issues have been minimal in this lot, so a little packing material here I guess.

The rest, which did alright in surviving...

Given the Leaf card, no surprise it was part of a little run of Parkhurst International cards.

Unrelated, but gold bordered cards continue as well with some 1999-2000 O Pee Chee.

Still seeing more Upper Deck basketball as well.

The trio of Warrick Dunn cards are kind of cool though as they are all "Sample" cards based on the back (would have been good if I scanned a back as well since I had three copies, but hind sight is 20/20).

Then we end with a handful of Ovation football cards which are nicely textured to feel a little like a football to go with the design. Different and unique which is always noticeable.

So a slow pull overall, but also looking ahead - there's about 1,500 cards or so to go if I was to guess ion the lot, so we may well end up very close to 25k all in on this lot which is a solid outcome I'd say, especially given the price.

Hard to find lots like this these days given the continued craze on cards.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


 Well, today is going to be a quick post because, I got nothing here that I get to keep. Still, let's see what crosses by the desk...

Unneeded hockey cards. 1992-93 Upper Deck is always nice to see, very nice set, and here we get multiple copies of a few cards.

1993-94 Pinnacle, of the Canadian variety as well.

Then we get into a bunch of 1991-92 Upper Deck basketball. I expect this set means a fair bit for basketball fans. Sure it's "junk wax", but that doesn't make it a bad set, just more out there to love.

Hopefully a better turn tomorrow.