Sunday, January 9, 2022

Ultra Better!

 A much better group of cards from the lot today. Why? Because there are at least some cards I will end up keeping - so that's a step in the right direction.

Starting with a bit more help on the 1995-96 Ultra set. 113 of 400 now off on this set. I miss those Nordique uniforms.

We have some Jays content too - though not new for my collection...

Seeing 1999 Topps Opening Day does give me a little hope there may be some of the MIA cards for me, but that wasn't to be today.

There are inserts though. The Bashan Shabtai set was one I didn't know about at all until a few months ago when I got the entire 6 card Leaf set from Steven at Here we have an insert as well as a few O Pee CHee checklists from 1999-2000 (obviously, as you can read on the cards), and that year the checklists were inserts.

Other than a couple uncorrected error cards...

We have the rest, starting with the "no new cards for me" 1999 Topps Opening Day...

The stickers are pretty good considering they were mid-90s fare.

Some of the O Pee Chee sets around 2000 bothered me because they didn't feel like O Pee Chee sets, but just Topps with another name. I always think of real brown cardboard when I think O Pee Chee, not the glossy stuffs like this.

We end with a few more football like yesterday.

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  1. That's interesting that Pinnacle use a blurred image on the Reggie card. I wonder why they did that.