Monday, January 31, 2022

Backing It Up

 I think this works out pretty well. I was planning to show the backs of the cards, and it became almost necessary as we get a bunch more 2002-03 Upper Deck Vintage cards today.

Definitely one for the list of accolades from this lot as a SN199 card is definitely special in the lot. Now, what's the difference on the card?

All about the back. Now, if you haven't seen the normal backs on this set, no problem, just see the difference to the base cards below, and obvious why it's a "green back".

The backs are definitely vintage in feel and look - no flashy colours or extra photos, just stats. I like the idea, but the colour mix isn't great for reading personally.

The subsets are better with the contrast in colours and black text. Makes it easier to actually read them!

Similar to some of the O Pee Chee sets - whether you consider newer or older than this.

Also come away with some Leaf additions too which is just icing on the cake with the cards today.

A couple tough guys, but always had a special appreciation for Domi, though with the change of the times, glad his son didn't try going the enforcer route as there isn't much room for that role anymore in the NHL.

Let's end with part of a PWE, well, the part I will show. A small PWE with SrarsFan...

Well, if you are going to get a nice trio of Leaf cards, nothing like these beauties. I only had one other from 1980-81 Topps, so some nice work adding to the set and many thanks to StarsFan!

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