Sunday, January 23, 2022

Vintage Continues

 We keep it up with the Vintage set from the NHL today and some more set additions.

Very cool and brings me to 90 of the 300 card set - not too shabby.

I mean, a couple more keepers from the set here too...

Can't go wrong with a Jay and a couple new to me Leafs from this set. That's not all though...

I can't see actively collecting an entire parallel set, but I sure love collecting these cards like the Emerald Ice Young and the snazzy Zhamnov refractor (rainbow I believe). I'd rather it have the protective cover on it still as the Finest cards did for this set, but no luck there.

The rest of the cards from the lot today...

There may be an error or two from 1991 Leaf I don't have, but that's about it.

A bit heavy on the Vintage dupes, so let's look at some backs...

Very solid 70s look and design on these, except of course the cardstock on this version is much more solid than the vintage sets it is inspired by.

A good reminder why these assorted lots are so fun, two new to me sets - even if they are football.

Buffalo - about the only team I really followed at any time save for the 49ers in the late 80s. Ricky I remember from his stint in the CFL as that was big news at the time, and Faulk I know by name as a great player.

Let's end today with part of a PWE package from TCDB member Tdorsay. I've traded with Trevor a number of times before - great trader - and most of what he wanted were cards for Jeff that I pull Bruins for, so not going to share those and add the 10 or so to the pile for me to send Jeff's way. I did get a few cards out of it though.

All such goodies! George Bell is the only Kay-Bee Blue Jay, but Clark is all Serial Numbered....but but...Dave and Dmitri are golden....and Mark Whiten is just heavy hittin'! A fab five to add to the collection, which I am thankful for. I think Wendel wins though with the SN.

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  1. That Zhamnov refractor is sweet! Love 90's refractors!