Friday, January 7, 2022

Diamonds of the Black

 Black Diamond sets are one of those products I expect people either love or hate. They are usually so over the top in darkness, that it doesn't leave much room in between. Well, the earlier sets had a bit more colour to them.

1999-2000 on display here. I didn't collect at the time as I wasn't collecting, and it is the later Black Diamond sets which were more "black" and "diamondy" that really caught my attention. I still like the design on this, even if it does provide more colour in the design.

Doesn't hurt that these keepers are some solid players. I swear, I see lots of Modano in this lot.

Today wasn't just about Black Diamond, also had a few Leafs, though from a set I've seen enough of for now...

I mean, the set is fine, but I think most all the cards I have seen in this lot from the set have been series two, and there's been enough to make the set three times over (well - close).

I wouldn't mind...

More Emerald Ice parallels. I mean, simple but effective parallel work right there! Hagman fits in my "they are supposedly short printed base cards, so maybe I should treat them like inserts" pile of keepers which may not end up staying as keepers.

A solid day on the keeps, but here is the rest to be completes...

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