Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Slowly Closer

A good variety of cards from the lot today, including a small bunch of cards to help one of the Collector's Choice baseball sets. 

Super happy to see a Griffey Jr. card, even if it is a subset "baseball learning" card instead of a "real" base card.

One of the cards though, also works for my Jays collection...

Juan really did have a couple of great years - not a full career of them, but definitely a couple where he was one of the top guys in the AL.

Here, I got one of the last missing cards on one of the McDonalds sets I have been working on...

This gets me to 33 of 36 on the 2000-01 base set. All that are left are Martin Brodeur and the 2 Montreal Canadien players in the set - Koive and Hackett. No - I didn't purposely leave the Canadiens out while collecting the set, just happened to be that way.

The rest...

Still really like those backs for cramming a lot of good stuff in given the space.

A near Archives Kerr and some more unneeded for me 2000-01 McDonalds.

Been a while since we had a soccer card show up, but here we are!

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  1. I remember collecting Juan's cards. Absolutely loved his 1992 Fleer Rookie Sensations insert.