Wednesday, January 5, 2022

On Ice

 We revisit an old set...well, a set that showed up here in this lot not too too long ago.

1996-97 Donruss Canadian Ice, and we get one Leaf card addition from the bunch. Not complaining though as, well, could always just be more...

Doesn't seem to be an end of these showing up, though probably isn't as bad as I feel it is because truth be told, I think we are just working through most of the OHL and QMJHL sets and not any significant dupes along the way either.

Though with the quality of cards and cheesy mustaches, I think most people can make custom cards these days which look many times better than these.

When I put these away, I may just end up trying to finish this set. It wasn't my intention, but since it is only 150 cards, I may be well over half way, and then it's just a matter of - if it isn't much to get to the goal line, I gotta try!

It isn't a set that excites me, but I would be okay finishing it if I'm most of the way there.

Let's finish with something a little more in my collectible wheel house - a PWE from TCDB member StarrsCards.

Mostly 2020 Topps Archives additions, which I had none of before. I like some of the throwback card/players like Roberto and Roger, though design wise, I don't miss the baby poop border.

Also get my first 2021 Stadium Club card. Had to wait until 2022 to get it, but that's fine. I don't mind being a couple years behind if I can avoid paying the insane prices for new cards.

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