Monday, January 17, 2022

Does Set Size Matter?

It's a question I grapple with at times in collecting.

I mean, part of the reason that I am collecting this set...

is because it is in part, a manageable size. I know, since it is only 180 cards for the base set, that I won't be left with hundreds of missing cards. I do like the design, and the way the cards were done, but if it was a standard O Pee Chee set, I would have to think hard about collecting it. 

Though therein is part of the challenge for some - finding a big set to collect because it means "more" to complete it.

Here we have a Leaf insert from 2001-02 McDonald's Hometown Pride set. A 10 card insert set which should be pretty easy to complete, but I would take as much happiness completing this as a small set, or maybe even a bigger one.

That's why I love all the help for the base set with these cards above. I mean, the McDonalds sets are relatively small, but I love completing them just the same.

I am thrilled this card let me finish the 10 card Hometown Pride insert set.

When you get to bigger base sets, you tend to also have some shorter print or otherwise "less easily attainable" base cards...

and personally, if it is a base card, let it be "base" or easy enough to get in any pack. Enough with the short prints - make them an insert set, same with shorter run subsets.

It means, these cards below aren't worthless just because I don't have a place for them in sets I collect...

or in some cases because they are dupes I don't need...

but from a set collection stand point, some are easier to move than others. It may not just come down to set size, but I am sure it impacts how many people set collect a particular set.

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