Tuesday, October 31, 2023

A Bit Halloween-y

 Happy Halloween to everyone. Was wondering if the COVID lot cards would have anything I could tie into Halloween today, and maybe we get close with the black and white bordering on some 1986 Topps. It may not be black and orange, but it's close!

A small bunch of cards, and a set I have happily completed, so we just get a couple Hays additions for the collection. I would have thought this would be a set I would have a handful of copies for each Jay, but not quite, just a few each so far.

A scan of names for sharing the rest, in case anyone needs some small help with this one. Some may consider the design scary, spooky, or just downright ugly, but it has grown on me...

I just don't need it to grow any further in my house - all good there, so feel free to offer taking some away!

Now, go out and get some candy for your little ghouls (or enjoy handing it out).

Monday, October 30, 2023

Logos and More

Getting close to Halloween, and a couple treats to share today with a couple small PWE envelopes that showed up recently.

First up, a trade with TCDB member 29Potvin, a fellow Ontario resident, and I suspect a fellow Potvin and Leaf fan.

The trade was for the three nice 90s Panini stickers of Maple Leaf logos. We have 1992-93, 1993-94, and 1994-95 in order across the top.

The rest of the cards were extras, or maybe packaging, but either way, nice and unexpected. The question...did I need any?

Well, the 1988 Topps baseball happen to be two cards I needed, while I don't need any of the 1990-91 Upper Deck hockey, but I call that a win regardless!

 The other trade was with TCDB member Orry04 who took some baseball in exchange for...mostly wrestling cards.

1991 WCW Championship Marketing cards can mark with those black borders, but these all look pretty nice. Ah Z-Man....lol....I always enjoyed the play on names between WWF/WWE and WCW when guys went between them.

The Holo Pink Jansen looks awesome in hand and I couldn't give up getting it instead of picking any other wrestling cards.

Two small, but great PWE trades - and hopefully nothing too spooky for tomorrow and Halloween!

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Another 10

 1999 Topps Opening Day is a 165 card silver border set, that I picked up about 135 cards of from card lots a while ago. It has not been a high priority, and I haven't really added to it, but it's sat there, waiting for help, and the COVID lot provided a little today in the 120 or so cards we have today.

Just showing the keepers, but have fully updated my TCDB trade list with the rest of the dupes if anyone else is working on the set. Some names had here, and some just MIA in the earlier lot of cards from the set, but now within about 20 on the set, so nice.

I am a fan of the backs, with the additional photo, full stats, and write up to fill the space - great job all around. Also, fave pick up of the bunch is the Walker card - and his days in Colorado did him really well.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

You Think You Know Me?

Today's pay it forward surprise little PWE has some wrestling cards, which quickly make me think of a certain wrestler's debut on AEW a few weeks ago. 

From a fan perspective - I never wanted to see Edge...I mean, the Rated R Superstar, show up somewhere outside of WWE. I mean, he was always a WWE guy. From a personal aspect, I get his desire to probably have a good last run with life long friend Christian Cage, and have some matches with guys, while he has time on his career to do so, that he wouldn't be able to have in WWE.

I also get WWE's view, Edge is probably not "worth" the investment. With the recent sale and clamping down a bit on costs and how to more smoothly run business, AEW probably offered the moon, where WWE was realistic in the offer. I am just guessing, but could see it going that way. Heck, even if the money was more, I could see Edge going to AEW for career fulfillment over money.

I could also go on about how I could always go for more Dakota Kai cards...but let's leave the focus on Edge here...and overall, very nice cards with the 2020 Finest set...I wouldn't mind trading for more!

Friday, October 27, 2023

2000 and Some

 Another day, another trade share - this one with first time trade partner, Radru2000, as per the typical source of TCDB. A smattering of Leafs in a PWE...

A  nice variety of Leafs, and although none of them finish off a Leaf team set, it did bring the 90s sets to within a card or two, which is excellent!

I have to say, my fave of the bunch has to be the Center of Excellence card, it's nice and shiny in hand, though that doesn't come across in the scan.

I have a love /hate relationship with Nylander. Too many plays as far as contracts and holdouts with him, it left a bit of a poor taste personally. I do appreciate he is a really good player, and happy generally with his output as a Leaf, but not a fan of the contract strategy, but not sure how others feel about that aspect of pro sports, and if it really impacts how you feel about players for your team.

Either way - appreciate having the card!

Thursday, October 26, 2023

The Last of the EAudet77 Trade

 Just like it says, here is the final bunch of cards from my trade with EAudet77, a bunch of odds and sods Leaf cards, which happen to finish a number of Leaf team sets.

2005-06 SP Authentic and the pure base Leaf cards are done with the two additions here. The cards are still a bit too on the plain side for me (typical of a number of SP Authentic sets).

A nice Canvas card, even if it is Kessel...

Happy to have Marner and Barrie finish my Leaf base set for 2019-20 Parkhurst. 

Panini Certified is another Leaf team set completed with the couple additions, while at the same time Jeff Farkas is actually the very first Leaf card I have from 2000-01 Pacific Aurora - still many many sets I have no Leaf cards from...even when not considering vintage years.

Potvin is another Leaf set completer - and it's a really different photo with the pile of pucks. I'll let it pass that it's a staged photo because it's a cool one!

Ah - High Liner. Another food related product back in the 90s which provided hockey cards cut from boxes. I wonder how many people were buying some of these products for the cards and could care less about the food part.

The Mats Sundin Clutch Performers insert is a nice one and done Leaf.

Speaking of one and done Leafs - Schenn's Hart Candidates card is another.

I really like the Platinum Records insert set - a good excuse for some past stars showing up in a newer product. Also, the Matthews is one of two I need as I need a second for the team set since my set build on this is now just one card short.

Thank you again to EAudet77 for taking a bunch of cards off my hands, but also providing some amazing additions to my collection!

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

More Leaf Goodies

 Another bunch of cards from my trade with EAudet77, and all Leaf team set helpers, though no luck actually completing any of the ones today.

Some Ultimate Original 6 cards, but let's focus on the 2002-03 O Pee Chee and Topps Chrome sets. Back then, as you can see, same design on the products, just a different finish. Not the same set itself either, as typical, chrome having smaller base sets, and O Pee Chee being larger.

2003-04 In The Game Action is not a set I overly like in design, but like getting a good addition of cards for the Leaf set. The Belfour card itself is pretty darn nice looking too.

Some MVP and Victory set helpers. I never worried about these being "lower end" sets because as simple as they may be, the designs are usually pretty solid al things considered.

I may not be a fan of the need for a faux signature, but it doesn't really take away from the cards, so it's fine.

We end with some nice looking 2017-18 Parkhurst Leafs. I really like the design for this year. I do wish Kadri had remained a Leaf, but the move definitely worked out for the man.

As for this trade - definitely worked out as a good one...now to see if I finished any team sets with the last bunch of Leaf cards tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The Odds and Ends

When a trade is big enough, there's usually something that is an odd or sod part. The stuff that isn't really fitting with the rest of what the trade was for. Today's cards include that in my trade with EAudet77.

A few baseball cards, including a couple still wrapped and an oversized Peca.

The Post cards which always bring me back to eating breakfast as a kid and looking for those cards to come falling out of the box, will remain under wraps, and I will add to my unopened pack collection while looking for opened versions as well.

I didn't realize at the time, but these Tall Boys actually complete the Leaf set for me - all 38 cards. Now I just have to find a nice way to store them given their tall size! They may not be as nice as getting the 60s versions, but the Parkhurst reprint set is nice in it's own right.

A nice Wendel under wraps still - the size is more reminiscent of Humpty Dumpty Blue Jays baseball cards.

Kraft and stickers....I consider them "oddball", though stickers are pretty tame as far as oddball items go.

We end with a few other odds and sods for set completion work. I think I am down to one card left on the Pacific Quest For The Cup set, bt will have to check - and if I am, I think it's Brodeur.

Definitely a good bunch with the unexpected Leaf set, and speaking of Leaf cards - that makes up the rest of the trade (I think...), and more on those tomorrow!

Monday, October 23, 2023

Finding Victory

 Continuing with cards from my trade with EAudet77, a couple sets I am working on of the Upper Deck Victory variety.

I started this set with a box of 2001-02 Upper Deck Victory, and am at about 385 or 440 base cards done. Still a bit to go, but these help a bit. The Jagr / Mr. Hockey card is pretty nice.

2011-12 Upper Deck Victory is getting much closer. I have about 5 cards left to the base set, before that one can be called done.

With Victory being a low price point product, should be good to get the rest of the base set, but I am also only a few cards off on both the Game Breakers and Stars of the Game insert sets as well. I am getting close enough, I should actually go and ensure I have duplicates of my Leaf cards on the want list if I don't have them already.

Always liked the clean and colourful design of the 2011-12 set, and looking forward to finishing itoff in the near future (I hope!).

Sunday, October 22, 2023

First October Free Shipping Trade

 So, this is the first trade I did using the October free shipping Tuesday codes from Canada Post. It allows a package up to 5kg to be sent free, within Canada. They actually also had a bonus one (which really, this is). I took the opportunity for a larger trade on this one with Quebec resident trader over at TCDB, EAudet77, and we have a lot to go through, but today, it's all Timmies!

I have a complete base set, and need copies of the Leafs for a separate team set. With the three additions, I just have one left there. The Red Die Cuts are the most common insert I believe, and I needed a bunch since it's a bigger insert set, so that's what we got a good bunch here for.

The insert set is 42 cards, and these bring me up to 27.

The three Superstar Showcase cards brings that insert set down to one missing - Ovi, while the gold etching cards bring me to 6 of 18....that one still needs work.

The Spectrum Standouts got almost half them here, so really closed the gap on that insert set as well.

So, looking at my binder I have...63 to go. Getting almost to where it feels attainable....almost!

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Ending Where We Left Off

As promised, the rest of the Leaf cards that Trevor graciously sent my way in our trade, and all of these, like yesterday, were extras! 

We pick up chronologically, where yesterday left off in 1991-92, and jump into some Canadian Pinnacle. Happily, it's not just the dual language to show these are the Canadian version, but the colour on the pack, and on the mask card front, the "Pinnacle" are different colours between the Canadian and "normal" or I guess, "American" version.

Here we hit the first new to me Leaf cards in all of these extras, with the Pizza Pizza team set cards from 2000-01. It's a 20 card set, and these are my first two Leafs from it. I swear I had a few others, but must be a different year.

Actually, that's followed by a new one and done Leaf Collectibles PlayuMaker card with the Cujo card - sweet. The last row of Leafs, and two below are 5 cards which were a specific arena give away. There's a 6th card which you could get if you bought enough packs at the store in the arena during that game giveaway. It's the 2007-08 Upper Deck Lucky Shot Arena Giveaways. Very neat pick up, and one I didn't know about at all until having to log these cards in at TCDB!

A handful of newer cards, and the second of the two Leaf cards in the Game Breakers insert set from 2007-08 Upper Deck Victory to finish off another little team set - sweet!

Trevor - an amazing bunch of cards from an amazing collector, thank you so much, and we start another trade package tomorrow!

Friday, October 20, 2023

Trevor Leafs

 As mentioned yesterday, Trevor was kind enough to throw in a whole bunch of Leaf cards as he knows I will take any and all duplicates, etc. So, though none of the cards today are new for me collection, some duplicates help with sets and the rest, help with my total Leaf collection.

That Vaive is definitely a great quality upgrade to the one I have - sweet! When we get to 1990-91 Pro Set, I definitely have a bunch of each, but a few more don't hurt. Same can be said about 1990-91 Upper Deck, though I still have a couple hologram versions I am missing, but didn't luck out with these ones in that way.

I still remember picking up the 1991-92 O Pee Chee Box set for $12 at a flea market back when it was new. Definitely a great investment since, when I happened to get a second, I was able to sell it a few years ago for $20! Not bad for a 20+ year investment....(note the sarcasm).

Still like the 25th Anniversary Series Sittler as I don't have the original yet to which it gives homage.

We end with some 1991-92 Topps which look identical to the O Pee Chee from the same year, save the Topps logo.

A great bunch of classics from my childhood, but Trevor wasn't done there...more to share tomorrow!

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Dorsay Trade For 500

 Here is what turned out to be my 500th completed trade at TCDB, and nice it's with Trevor who I have done a few trades with. I've really picked up my trading the last couple years with over 100 transactions in 2022, and over another 100 already in 2023. As it turns out, this trade is great, but I have another couple days worths of cards to show because Trevor sent a bunch of stuff in addition to the trade. First though, the trade.

Trevor sent almost the rest of the 1997 Jays Oh Henry team set. Only a couple cards remaining for me in this one. Not one of my favourite years for the Jays, but still some notable Jays with Delgado and Stewart, and unusual Jays lite Otis Nixon.

Most of the cards are hockey related, including a few set helpers here. Fleury also puts me down to a single McD card need from the 1991-92 set.

One completed Leaf team set with the 1992-93 Pinnacle Canadian couple cards here. Love the unusual Doug Gilmour card for that set.

Mats is also the last of 9 Leafs cards from the 2003-04 In The GaME tORONTO sTAR BASE SET, AND i THINK i JUST HAVE ONE LAST FOIL CARD FOR MY lEAF CARDS FROM THAT INSERT SET.

Although Johnny Bower's 1993-94 High Liner Greatest Goalie card was part of the trade, I was pleasantly surprised to have in come still in the "package". Going to have to put this in my unopened pack collection and look for an unwrapped one. I know you can see exactly what card you are getting, but it's still unopened!

Big thank you to Trevor for the trade, and for the extras which we will start getting to tomorrow!